Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marumo no Okite [ep 5]

 Marumo was sick with mumps. Came as a shock to everyone since people usually get mumps when they're little. I can't remember getting mumps though, or measles. I know I did have chicken pox already during my primary school. xD Mook is adorable...
 Marumo's mother came to visit and was surprised to find two kids living with her son. Afraid that the burden was too much for Marumo, she asked him to return the kids to the relatives. Marumo then suggested that she stay for few days, to help care for the kids.
Finally, Marumo's Chief came to visit too and the secret was out. Instead of transferring him, he supported his action and asked him to stay in the department.
who's the old pervert?
 A little misunderstanding when Chief came to visit lolz...I think the practice of having alarms for elementary school kids is awesome, btw. Here, it's not practised but I think we should pick it up, lost kids keep on showing up in newspapers.
Tomoki hated carrots and in school, Kaoru helped him eat them all, so as to prevent him from being scolded. But thanks to Marumo's mother, he finally found that he can actually eat carrots. The trick, she mixed carrots in the hamburger meat and Tomoki downed them all, without realizing.

I wonder if it's possible for something to bloom between Aya and Marumo lol. Of course, till now, there's not a single sign that both had any affection for each other, but who knows xD
trying to speak to Mook
let's see how can stare longer
LOL...Aya went all the way and lied to Marumo's mother that she was dating him!
Usooo!!!~ (lol at Mook)
 And then Makimura came (upon Marumo's request) she lied that she's Marumo's fiancee. about coincidence! All these just to prevent having the kids being separated...awww...

One girlfriend and another fiancee....who's going to win? Such embarrassing moment for Aya!

Yay for Aya!
There's hope for romance to bud between them now xD I just feel that the kids would've preferred Aya too rather than Makimura.
This episode is fun!


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