Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marumo no Okite [ep 6]

The episode centered around the constant bullying Kaoru faced in school, by fellow classmate Hayato. Hayato's parents were always absent and only came home at night, leaving Hayato deprived of family love. Think that's why he was jealous whenever he saw how close both Tomoki and Kaoru were with Marumo, though they were not blood related.

 Both of them got into chasing mode at school...and Hayato was injured. Marumo, without investigating or listening to Kaoru's side of story, insisted that she should just apologize to Hayato. Of course, Kaoru remained stubborn and didn't do so, which came across as childish/insolent to Marumo.
 First time argument between Marumo and Kaoru.
 That night when Marumo came back late, both kids were afraid that they've been abandoned. Thanks to Aya's phone call, Marumo found out what really made Kaoru mad and worried at the same time. Things quickly resolved between them.
 The eraser stamps that Marumo made were cute!!!
 Finally, Kaoru and Hayato made up, seriously,the stamp was a genius idea.

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