Saturday, June 11, 2011

Marumo no Okite [ep 4]

I know this is a rather late post, considering how it's episode 7 now. But I was pretty busy with other stuffs. So, the kids have started their elementary school and in this episode, each of the students in their class were given specific tasks.Tomoki (twin bro) couldn't get the task he wanted, ended up with a rather girly job (flower care) while Kaoru (twin sis) got the book care.

 Back in Marumo's little house, everything was normal but from time to time they still got shocked by the sudden responses coming from the talking dog, Mook. Funny how Marumo actually consulted a psychological doctor to diagnose this, thinking he probably had a problem.
 In class, the kids saw both the pictures that Tomoki and Kaoru drew which didn't include any of their parents, instead Marumo was there. The other kids couldn't understand that and began calling their family as 'weird'. They even teased Tomoki's magical spell, idea given my Marumo for the good health of the flowers.
 One of the classmates complained how their teacher practised favoritism towards them just because they didn't have parents. Kaoru, as usual, the more defensive type of the twins, got into a fight with the classmate. As expected, the boy was injured instead of her lol...gotta love Kaoru. So protective and sensible.

 Meanwhile, Marumo was selected as the representative to join one of their PR colleagues (who Marumo had a hopeless crush on) to apologize to one of the smaller companies in the province.

 Things worked out for them.
 And just he imagined the night before, she really asked him out for dinner, as a treat for helping her.
Back home, it was raining heavily and Tomoki recalled Marumo saying how too much water will kill the flowers. I think he misinterpreted that and actually went out alone with an umbrella to cover the plant.
I can't get enough of these kids! They're so adorable! I like their interaction with each other, how protective they were and just...(I think I'll get the DVD soon xDD).
He's cute even when sick...Kaoru had no choice but to disturb Marumo and ask for his help. Initially hesitant since he finally had the chance to have a proper dinner with the one he likes, he came back after all and took Tomoki to a nearby clinic.

Mook is such a well trained dog! He even knows how to put his leg on their hands for a promise shake. xDDD Sugoiiii....

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