Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Life [ep 3]

Waku is now hospitalized to start treatment for his acute leukemia. Sawamoto tries to juggle between work and visiting his son everyday. Seems like he's beginning to treasure what's more important in his life now. At hospital, Waku confides in Konno (the CLS worker). Actually, I'm still wondering what exactly is her job. Child Life Specialist? So far, she seems to spend a lot of time with the kids, so I'm guessing it's like counselor?

Most of the episode centers around Waku's hospitalization period. Having the treatment caused him to suffer from nausea and vomiting. Sawamoto was also struggling to keep his work balanced., as his chief began to think that it might be too tough for him to carry on. There was also a brief flashback, as seen from previous episodes as well. It showed the young Sawamoto and his father who asked him to down dozens of pills, in an attempt to commit suicide together. Now we know where Sawamoto got his traits from. As in, Sawamoto could have been in a trauma during his childhood that he's somewhat gauche now. His father was a single father and hanged himself, probably due the stress.

This is also the first episode he smiled this much. He decided to turn down the offer for promotion and opted for a transfer. Anywhere that allows him to go back at 5pm everyday.

The episode is rather plain and simple. I'm still waiting to see Sawamoto informed Kaori (wife) about Waku's illness. It's not being fair to Waku and her as well that she's not informed at all. The stubborness is still there.

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