Monday, June 6, 2011

JIN 2 [review up to ep7]

It seems that most dramas are coming back for season 2. Earlier, I was just blogging about BOSS 2. Now it's time for JIN 2. JIN won lots of awards back then, and no doubt, it definitely deserved them. IMO, it was one of the best dramas that season, and definitely one of the top 10 in my all-time fav japanese dramas.

Set in the Edo period, it is about a doctor in the present, who after having met a mysterious patient, with a foetus-like tumor in the brain, somehow time-warped back to the Edo period. Of course, logically, how can this happen. But let's just ignore that fact and watch they have to offer. I truly enjoyed the first season. It's one of those that made me want to recommend it to people, of all ages. I think it's just worth watching. A stellar cast and also great composition, what else do you want?

Season 2 comes a continuation of the story. So, I'd highly recommend one to first watch 1st Season before going for the second.

 We see Jin sensei being trapped till now in Edo period, getting more and more accustomed to the everyday life as a normal citizen already. He seems to have given up hope of returning to his present life, as well as giving up on meeting his girlfriend.

 From Season 1, he met someone who looks exactly like his girlfriend in the present, making him think that she is the ancestor or something. He saved her in Season 1 from breast cancer. And now, in Season 2, we see how Nokaze (the woman who looks like his gf), returns but briefly in few episodes. Nokaze finally finds herself a foreigner and soon leaves with him to begin a new life.

She gives Saki a hint to pursue her own happiness, of course this means that she wishes for her to be paired with Jin sensei. She knows all along how Saki has felt for him back in the days (Season 1). However...Saki decides to turn him down just when Jin Sensei finds the courage to tell her his feelings.

Why oh why did you reject him?! It took him all of Season 1 and few episodes to muster up his courage to ask her!!!! This is one of those moments where you feel like strangling someone on screen. I did feel bit frustrated when back in the last season, Jin never made any, not even ONE, move towards Saki, and leaving Saki, wondering if she'll ever advance more than just being his assistant.

And now? Now that he asked, you feel like you have much bigger role? Her reason is that she wants to concentrate in making their clinic a prominent one and also the fact that she can never know whether Jin will one day just disappear as he is not from this world, this era. that is it, basically. The whole love thing is really at its minimal in JIN series. Most of the other serious matter are about the medical cases they face and how Jin tries the present methods to save the patients.'re not supposed to chug down a whole glass of red wine like that!

Yeah...some comic moments are always more than invited in an otherwise a very serious drama.

 Let's not forget a role that shall lead to some destruction...or more of like the Restoration of Meiji, the downfall of Shogun period in Japan history---> Ryoma Sakamoto. This particular character is a historic figure, who first led the plan to go against the Shogun (military power) that ruled Japan before they were overturned. He was depicted in another taiga series before this, Ryoma Den.

 I just find this particular scene, beautiful! The endless SNOWY landscape. Anyways, there's political struggle too in the drama, which I can't really care much for. For several times, I actually thought that I want to give this series up because they focused too much on the politics and not much on the medical theme anymore, which was the main reason I liked this very much. But...I guess, it's one of those moments whereby once you started something, you want to make sure there's a closure.

Another interesting fact is that Nokaze finds herself in yet another trouble. Despite having a relapse in cancer, she insists in giving birth to her child. So, Jin will have another major obstacle in the next episode, that is to deliver her baby safely, as well as keeping her alive. Next episode's preview seems to be rather interesting. Though, not as suspenseful as in Season 1, I shall continue watching

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