Monday, June 6, 2011

BOSS 2 [review up to ep6]

BOSS came back for another season. It was a pretty good drama, at least I'm liking it. There's really nothing new in detective series but they opt for one that showcases a bunch of weirdos in the team, thankfully led by an elite from FBI. 

We see most of them back in Season 2, however there are few changes in characters. Well, three of them actually, which I shall elaborate in detail later. As much as being an elite in the police force, Osawa Eriko, still maintains her usual awkward characteristics, one example being a hopeless single woman, despite hitting the big 40.

 Katagiri, showing improvement from Season 1 where he was scared of shooting, but becomes a routine.
 The one and only gay character in the entire drama, Iwai...still as funny as ever. Always taking advantage of handsome guys whenever he has the chance, example? Butt-slapping has become one of his habits. Although there are few characters mainly there for comedic effects, I'm loving it as long as they stay on track with the cases.

 Hanagata, returns to reprise his role as the outgoing and totally energetic rookie cop.

 Yamamura-san, probably the oldest sergeant in the team but as absent-minded as always.

Of can we ever forget the one and only Nodate!!! No doubt, one of the reasons I'm watching this is for  him. Yutaka Takenouchi in one of his carefree and womanizer characters.

So I mentioned there were some changes in Season 2.

One of the BIGGEST role I'd miss dearly is Kimoto, who was back for only 2 episodes this season. She couldn't join in the casts because of another project but I think at least they gave her a proper story with justification to leave. Still...her character will be missed very much and I know I'm not the only one.
So why did she leave? In the 1st epi we were told how she did a mistake in one of the cases, fooled by a fake bomb, causing their Head of Police department (or whoever) shot by the bad guy. Hence, she asked for transfer.

The following scene was brief but funny. As a womanizer, Nodate makes a brief move towards stepping nearer towards her, but Kimoto awkwardly steps further from him later. It was just for 2 seconds but it was hilarious!

 Another character leaving is the forensic scientist from Season 1. They just gave her a common excuse used so many times by other dramas...getting married.

But I'm glad her replacement wasn't a typical new character, as it turned out, the new one was the first case's villain.

The 1st and 2nd epi were a continuation, so they had the same case, sort of like a farewell bid to Kimoto's character as well as she was involved in it for the last time.

 Oh, another new character I forgot to mention is the new techie. A genius computer geek. There wasn't much scene with her, except for a few here and there, I do wonder why they didn't make use of her that much. Still, a good addition to the team.
They did a replacement for Kimoto, though I still think Kimoto was given better screentime than the newbie. Still, the newbie has her moments. I think I began to really appreciate her character, ever since the dismissal of Kimoto in episode 5 where she played a huge role in. Though it wasn't as big as in ep6, the comedy in ep5 were worth praising. I really laughed during those moments. I like random hilarious moments.
While we've been talking about the good guys, time for a bit of the baddies. I'm sorry for this abruptness in the flow but...I can't just ignore this character. I like this actor, I wish he has more roles than just a few minor ones like these. He is handsome, okay. He is. 
Arghhh...i wish I can get better screenshot of him than this side one, but yeah...I just couldn't because the rest were either too fast or dark. This was the best I could get. Anyways, he's the only bad one worth mentioning. xDD

 Though a bit of shuffle in the characters in Season 2, the cases keep coming and the comedy as well. Some are a bit over the top, and cheesy but not too much to turn me off yet. I'm glad they made a comeback for another season. They haven't lost their touch, despite the absence of few characters. Well...I can't get enough of Nodate! So keep it coming!

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