Thursday, June 16, 2011

Infinite Stratos [ep 6]

Where do I begin? Omg...this episode is among the best so far! Yes, I'm way behind I know because this anime ended already a couple of months ago, I just began picking it up again now. Anyways, this episode is amusing!

Ohrimura began to wonder what pissed Laura, the German newcomer off and recalled his incident way before he enrolled in here. His sister, the instructor, forfeited in the last round of some huge IS competition although she was expected to win only because she wanted to rescue him. He was kidnapped for some reason still unknown. And because it was the German who gave her the tips of his location, she spent about a year teaching at the German Army IS. That was how Laura became her student. Basically, I think Laura was just jealous that she came back to Japan and left the much higher ranked institute in German. And all for one lousy brother like him. xD

That was one part. Now for the interesting part! I was right! I was right all along. Charles is a girl! She is ordered from her father, the president of the Dunoa company to disguise as a boy just to get closer to Ohrimura. Why you ask? Well, basically the company is on the verge of having their development rights taken back unless they can get some important/useful data to further develop the third generation IS.

LOL at the scene where Ohrimura finally found out that Charles is a she. Yes, it is in the bathroom. But no screencaps for that, you perverts! I'll just feed some other worthy pictures. Oh by the way, the usual bickering between Houki Shinono and Cecelia over Ohrimura is happening as usual.


What I like about this episode is also because of the IS robots! They look awesome. Especially...Laura's...although she's more of an antagonist now. I don't mind her though. She challenged Ohrimura, like I guessed before. But he refused to fight with her.


Look at that HUGE it even called a gun?

Charles...protecting Ohrimura, obviously Ohrimura can't win Laura. Laura's IS is the third generation. Compared to his, I think he'd have been blown up to pieces if it wasn't for Charles to shield him.


With the addition of the special case, Charles...a direct competitor now for both of these and a whole bunch of other girls, I think things are really going to be very very interesting.

A great episode. I find myself just having this smile plastered on my face the whole way through. A lot happened. Things progressed pretty well. I can't decide who to root for at this moment. Just all of a sudden, there's this new Charles in the group. But I think Ohrimura treats her like a sister. Oh...let's not forget Laura, the antagonist. Remember the eye patch?

Cool isn't it?

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