Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Infinite Stratos [ep 5]

 I watched this a while ago, and then stopped for a period of time due to some circumstances. Now, I picked it up again just for fun. Basically, I gotta refresh my mind on the story xD
In short, Ohrimura Ichika, is the only male in the institute where they learn how to control robotics. These robotics are mainly used for combat and 99% of the students are girls. Somehow, when Ohrimura went for the testing, he managed to activate these robots, known as IS (Infinite Stratos). So he got enrolled in there and constantly targeted by the girls. He meets his old friend, Shinono who got the same room as him! Despite the awkwardness initially, they got along anyway.

Then, they finally got things figured out and Shinono was asked to change room. She actually blushed! She's definitely in love with Ohrimura lol...and was kinda reluctant to change at first, but she held it in and stomped out. Only to come back couple of minutes later....and confessed!!! haha she did it finally! But only if she wins the grade level individual tournament next month. Then rumor began to spread out that if anyone wins the tournament, she can be Ohrimura's girlfriend. Things got a bit messed up.

A newcomer, Charles Dunoa. But sorry to say thing, he sounds like a girl! And he has long hair. Maybe long hair is a western fashion depicted in the anime. Apparently, his father is the owner of a huge company which is related to the IS technology in France.

Charles...was blushing a lot. In fact, TOO MUCH. For a guy that is. When they were in the changing room, he blushed as Ohrimura took his shirt off. Are guys supposed to feel like this?! lolzz

 Next second....
 Then I kinda thought Charles was a girl, for a second. But we'll know soon. They had group training and before that, they got to watch a demonstration between two of the Personal machines owners (students) and Yamada-sensei. Yamada-sensei was a soft-spoken lecturer in the institute, but she defeated, sent them both flying to the ground in less than 30 seconds.
 Behold the power of Dunoa IS!!!

Ohrimura being harrassed by a bunch of girls...this scene was...a bit ummm....

This is what happens when you're the minority gender in a school! Charles had more admirers though.
But the last person to get all the special treatment was Shinono-san ^_^ Couldn't get into the cockpit so Ohrimura had to activate his Byakushiki, a flying robot and carried her in.

EHHHHHHHH~~~~~ not fair~~~~~~ seriously?
I can't really stand how the girls all go gaga over them.

The next day, a new student, Laura Bodewig, arrived to join the crowd. Wow...she looked cool though, what's with the eye patch? Injured from some battle? She's from Germany, btw.
And the next thing she did was....

You guessed it! She slapped Ohrimura omg...poor guy got a slap landed on his pretty face without seeing it coming. Laura had this thing against him. She couldn't accept the fact that Ohrimura is  her instructor's brother. Ohrimura has a sister who is a famous IS operator and lecturer in the same institute.

This episode was entertaining. Not one but TWO new characters introduced to give a more balanced crowd. The addition of Charles was a bit...ok, I admit I have some problem with his voice, I just thought he should be more manly or something. And he blushes WAY TOO MUCH. But it's good though, at least we don't only have Ohrimura to ogle at now. Then, there's this other new girl who holds a grudge against Ohrimura. It should be quite exciting to see her compete with him, I'd think she'll challenge him soon enough. There's also some progress between Ohrimura and Shinono.

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