Thursday, June 16, 2011

BOSS 2 [ep 8]

So Nodate managed to persuade Eriko to attend an Omiai (blind dates), convincing her that the guy is handsome. Ishikawa is working as Forensic scientist and we can say that Eriko is rather satisfied from the date, until she found out all her underlings, are following her, because, let's face it, it is such a RARE occasion for her to go for dates! lol...then, they meet again for the second time, working on a case, very similar to the Angel Killer case 5 years ago.
All smiles, Eriko!




I think they really kinda went over the top with the scene below. They were talking about the you can see, that glowed around both Ishikawa and Eriko.

Iwai is so gross!!!

Photobucket always eating. But she never gains weight!

Katagiri? Still feeling uncomfortable alone with girls. Sighhh...

Back to the case, they made a mistake with the killer. They thought it was this old doctor, who had stroke 5 years ago and hence stopped until now after rehabilitation, and then began killing again. I shall not say out loud the real killer's identity, but the spoiler is down there.


The ending and how they solved the case was rather good though, at least the insertion of helium gas was funny! The guys just wanna make fun of Eriko, by making her voice Chipmunk-ish!

The case was rather...easy I think. There's nothing complicated, everything just worked out too fine and smooth for them. Was a bit disappointed with this week's case but the humor is still es entertaining.

ALSO...KIMOTO IS BACK IN THE NEXT EPISODE!!! Time to celebrate! I know there are a lot of viewers who miss her, since her absence starting from ep2. She's definitely a guest star now. But it's always nice to have her pop in once in a while. Oh, and the next case seems to feature none other than IRYU's best doctor! Yup! Asada is gonna appear, looks like he's the bad guy, but it's too early to determine. I can't wait!

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