Monday, June 6, 2011

Hagane no Onna [preview]

There was a 1st Season, but because it wasn't subbed, I didn't give it a try. And also because it dealt with kids. Elementary kids, so to speak. And the genre I usually watch aren't these types. However, there's this webbie that provides small encoded files with hardcoded subs, from which is very convenient to get dramas, and they have this Season 2. So I decided to give it a shot, since I didn't have anything much else to download during the weekend. And it is surprisingly good.

Show starts off with a brief appearance of this guy, he was in Season 1, I'm sure though I didn't watch it. Anyways, the drama is about this woman, who got dumped by her to-be husband and decided to drink day and night, being emo about her situation till a college friend asked her to take on a job, turned down by 3 other people. A temporary elementary school teacher. With a class full of troublesome kids and whose parents are considered tough to deal with. That was in Season 1, basically and with the help of this fellow teacher (the guy), she managed to pass the exam to become an official teacher. And he proposed to her. The brief proposal scene was hilarious. But I'm not gonna elaborate on that.

Soon after, Hagane Sensei (nicknamed as Steel teacher by her students), began new semester with her class. Although I have not much liking for kids, I find these child actors/actresses rather cute. I can recognize some of them, as they were in several dramas before this. There are two who actually had main roles. Needless to say, it's good to see them in this drama together.

Life isn't getting any better when she has to deal with a foreign student whose parents are illegal immigrants, going to be deported back to their country. Facing constant bully from her fellow classmates, Hagane sensei tries to be peacemaker.
 Bullying is always the main topic in Japanese school dramas. I wonder if it really exists that much. I know Japan has the highest suicide rates, compared to other countries, so..maybe bullying is somehow a common thing there? I've seen countless dramas depicting this theme, so nothing quite new here. But still, watching these kids deal with their own dilemma in their own world...I'm impressed with some acting skillz they have.
That said, I'm gonna finish this xDD

I mean, how can I not when you get to see how these little brats go against the whole world with their own method like this down here????

 They set up their own fort in order to prevent the immigration officers send their classmate away.

 And let's just face it, it's our guilty pleasure to watch adults being made fun of, once in a while...

 And it's funny when the parents support their kids for standing up against the government, so hilarious! I was laughing out the middle of the night watching this.

P.S: why are bees attracted to my room?!

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