Monday, June 6, 2011

Marumo no Okite [1st episode]

Marumo tells the story of a pair of twins, losing their father to terminal cancer and how they face their new lives, being separated. One goes with their uncle, another goes to the aunt. They are fraternal twins, hence they don't have similar faces, actually more of different characteristics altogether. Which is interesting watch. They get acquainted with a fellow friend of their late father, who begin to care a lot for the two kids. And then one day, the boy finds a dog, a Schnauzer, I believe, who can talk. Hence, the cute relationship between them begins.

I think  this is gonna be one of the better dramas for this season. Though they don't have big names lining up on the casts, these kids make it worthwhile to watch.

The dog is so handsome!!! It's just a bit awkward and needs some time to get used to to watch it speaking though. That aside, it's so obedient and cute!

On the casts:
Abe Sadao - I've only watched 2 of his previous dramas, Iryu 1,2 & 3, as one of the prominent members of Team Dragon, and another drama ages ago. His character is lovable, he has his own perks. But to see his connection with the kids, very refreshing.

Ashida Mana - Just 6 years old and she's already the youngest actress to lead a drama. Her first drama that I watched was Mother, which I blogged about before. She was brilliant in there, very talented and she was barely 5 years old there! Here, she takes on a bigger role, and as the more mature twin, looking out for the much weaker twin brother.

Suzuki Fuku - First drama I watched of his. I'm not sure whether he did star in others before, but a great combination with Ashida. They both look great! His interaction with the Dog is sweet too xD

More captions:

beautiful sunset

so cute! drying hair...

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