Monday, June 6, 2011

Gou ~ Himetachi no Sengoku [review]

This is my FIRST TAIGA DRAMA NHK. Yup! I've never watched any Japanese period dramas before, well actually JIN was one but that doesn't count as the character somehow went to the past from present.

And another difference is the taiga dramas will normally show throughout the entire year every sunday. Which means...they have around 50 episodes? yeah...xDDDD normally again, I don't watch taiga. I only watch modern J-dramas but one reason I decide to give this a try is because of Ueno Juri. As in, the actress from Nodame Cantabile. So...i figure it can't be baddd.....

i need to get use to the costumes and really really awkward hairstyles though because basically this is from 1583. yeshhh....THAT OLD. It 's going to depict the story of Gou, one of Japan's prominent figures as she became the wife of Tokugawa Shogun. Shogun basically means a high ranking military officer who has control of all Japan's military (uh that sounds so bad...i don't know how to rephrase that, forgive me). He would be still under the Emperor of course but who's stronger, someone who has the Army entirely under your control or someone who sits on a gold chair or whatever and be a dummy?

So the story will tell of the three sisters, the eldest is known a Princess Chacha, middle sister Princess Hatsu and the youngest, below Princess Gou.

Hatsu....will play the peacekeeper between the eldest and the youngest apparently.
The first episode is mostly all about the past, the mother's story, how she married a Lord Azai, and gave birth to all 3 of them.

Weird hairstyles....I still think they're weird......

But at least, the mother's brother has some good sense of style, his war outfit was ^___^

I like how the collar fits his know and it's black. it looks tailored.

However, the power-hungry brother used his sister's marriage as a tool to gain more power. well, the sister, Gou's mother wanted to help her brother initially in the mission but then found herself deeply in love with Lord Azai instead and decided to stay by his side, supporting him, hence betraying her own brother. When Lord Azai was ordered to kill Lord Nobunaga (the brother), he hesitated but for his town's safety, he turned against him, his brother-in-law.

But Lord Nobunaga's troop was far greater in number than his, so he decided to make a deal with him. His life for the family's. He then killed himself as in seppuku (you can google it) and in return, Lord Nobunaga spared his family and took care of them.


Cinematography - The only problem i have with this is how unrealistic the fighting scenes were. I can see that they're not one of those high-budget types, and you don't see BLOOD at all. literally NONE! So, I wasn't really into the war scenes, and there weren't much at all actually.

Acting - All characters were great. I think they really absorbed the characters into themselves. I see no fault in acting wise. Some dramatic and touching scenes were executed well. I think Japanese movies or dramas in general do those scenes well. Take this little kiddo for example, amazing and realistic and touching short scene. I friggin teared up at this particular scene. Ohhh....O_o I hope she grows up to be a good actress, if not totally wasted.

At least they get to find a really cute baby as young Gou lol...


Well, the first epi didn't show much of Gou at all, it's more of an opening scene...and the preview of second episode will have more Gou. Since it's going to be about her story from when she was born till her death, it's expected.

Music is GOOD in this drama. Love the background music. I hope I can catch up though since it's gonna be a whole year thing. I've heard of previous taiga dramas by NHK before, like Atsuhime and RyomaDen, both of which were famous and well-received.

I hope Gou as the 50th taiga drama of NHK will gain similar popularity. So far, from the ratings, it's quite good. And I actually get to know more of Japan's history...not that I'm interested at all, but it's quite amusing.xDDD

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