Monday, June 6, 2011

Taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta

That is one of the longest ever japanese drama title i've come across with. And it makes me think that it'd have been better if they keep it short and simple.

Ok, Miura Haruma and Toda Erika. What can go wrong with both these young artists in a drama? Maybe the only thing that might be weird and awkward is how YOUNG and BOYISH Miura looks that he doesn't come across as a TEACHER, rather a STUDENT whenever he stands around his students at school.

But let's not fret bout that. Story opens with him waking up, rushing to school when he realized he was late. Then, he found a girl, lying naked under his bed sheet. Now here's the catch. He doesn't remember a thing about last night and he didn't dare ask the quiet student.

(look at insert image above) I am somehow quite taken aback by this short scene (yea...coz you see, I don't think they'd show this much nudity in the first episode itself). Not that it's anything much, just a bareback and little bit of buttocks but go O_O and I'm just wondering whether the actress really did this scene herself or some other you know, double body. Well, I don't know but suspense is definitely there.

*SHIT why is there a naked girl on my bed?!* lol at his face...oh yea, the only thing that sets him apart from his students is the attire. Should he wear the same school uniform, he'd pass so easily as a fellow student too.

*yes, I'm the naked girl on your bed this morning* stare...xDDD

I think the funniest part was when she told the nurse (whose relationship we don't know yet) that she had sex and as expected, blood came out. YES, she included the part "blood came out". And i was like -____-"

Ok, she's a young student and maybe doesn't know how first time sex works. I mean, like duhh...of course la blood comes out. it's just that you don't actually have to like report it out you know funny!

And the lovey dovey couple who are engaged soon to be married.

I'm not sure who to side with for now. You have a young man, and two women. One is very much the beloved female teacher by all students...and then we have a student who's kinda creepy. But that aside, I think she has something going on that made her do it. Nothing is certain as of now, whether the 'sex' she meant was really with the teacher or somebody else. Her character is kinda complex that you don't put the blame all at once on her.

Not bad for starters. This adds up to a number of three other dramas I'm following this season. xDDD

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