Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Life [ep 2]

Continuing from ep1, Waku complained about the tingling in his knees to his father, but was ignored as Sawamoto was more concerned about work. However, there seemed to be a gradual change in his attitude from the last episode. At least he woke up early to make breakfast and did laundry now that his wife is gone.

 This particular scene, where Sawamoto grabbed a taxi and left Waku alone to walk to school, always broke my heart a little bit. No proper goodbye or "itterashai" by him. I'm not sure how the Japanese culture works, I mean, from the majority of dramas I've watched, the children, even elementary kids go to school on foot,  on their own. I wonder if it's actually that safe, maybe the schools are nearby, but still...they're kids! Maybe I'm too pampered that my parents still deliver me to school till I was 17 lolz but then again, my school was too far for walking.
 Waku joined an arts class, apparently taught by his mother's former lecturer in the university. The lecturer seemed to sense the family troubles and tried to convince the Waku's mother that it still wasn't too late to have Waku by her side.

It did seem wrong of Waku's mother to just leave him under Sawamoto's care. Yes, you might not be able to face your ignorant husband anymore but Waku is still your only child. No matter what, even you don't want to have the custody for him, mothers should still put their child on top spot. I just felt that Waku's mother is now as irresponsible as Sawamoto. It was like " can have the child, I don't want to have anything to do with him anymore".

 Finally, upon Waku's consistent request to visit the hospital, Sawamoto brought him for a checkup. And the doctor ran some tests, he told Sawamoto the initial results. Abnormal blood count for WBC. A form of blood disease and somehow Sawamoto went back and did his own research. He had his own suspicion that it was leukemia.
 "Daddy is a strange creature" - Waku
I do agree now with the statement. Sawamoto is the type of men who put up a facade and acts indifferent about certain situations, but deep inside, he is actually very concerned. However, being concerned is not enough, he just doesn't know how to express his true feelings around the people he loves. Including the son.
 I just felt that there isn't enough smiles from Sawamoto xD He's always frowning. Do let him smile again, directors! Poor guy.

Upon the doctor's request, Sawamoto went to meet his wife but when he saw her smile and reallt able to express herself for the first time (maybe she didn't at home for a long time), he did feel relieved and happy for her, as proven by his face. However, his wife was speaking to her lecturer at the Arts Museum, and he decided not to intrude. The moment he walked away, I was so frustrated. Is your pride more important now???

And in the end, he never told his wife. Imo, mothers should have the right to know, and plus, Waku is not his mother's enemy. He still wants her back, even though he chose to stay with him.

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