Monday, June 6, 2011

Aishiteru [ep 4]

Wow...what a tear-jerking episode! I haven't cried since first epi but episode 4 just did it for me. I couldn't hold my tears anymore for that particular scene.

But before going to that, ep3 and 4 begins to show some revelation on what really happened that day.

As the Family Court lawyer tried to establish a good rapport with Tomoya, hoping he'd somehow open up little by little to her, she succeeded in doing so. Tomoya finally told her how he came to meet the little boy.
 It was out of KINDNESS!!! At first, seeing how the boy was grimacing holding his poo, he offered to let him use their house's bathroom. And that was how everything began. After that, they played catch and the boy began to comment on how bad Tomoya was at the game. The boy bragged about him playing with his dad and how Tomoya's family is weird.

There, as he said, he was pissed. The revelation ended we won't know for sure what happened next. But it pretty much summed up the whole case.

The investigator tried to cheer Satsuki up by asking her to wear brighter accessories. I like the investigator, she has a way with people. How she understands and tries to help families through these hard times.

 Then we moved on to Ozawa family. Things hadn't really changed much except for the fact that Saeko (the mother) seemed to come around and joined them for meals already. However, the atmosphere was still moody and silence during the meal caused Mihoko to question how long were they going to need in order to put the death past them. You can feel that she was getting more and more frustrated with her parents' mourning.

And soon, we see how she exploded in front of her mother about the unfair treatment. Siblings rivalry has always been a common issue...and in this case, I just felt that Mihoko probably had enough of it.

But what I like about the Ozawa family though was how they tried to patch things up despite all the problems. The husband was very supportive too, Mihoko stayed strong for her family, helped out in household chores seeing how Saeko was mourning earlier. But it was only natural that everything has a limit and when Mihoko finally exploded...that was the beginning of how I teared up.

 There was this particular scene where Mihoko read her own baby journals for the first time and she came to realize how much her parents really loved her. This scene was enough for me and before I knew it, my tears began to roll down...And the final hug awwww....

This show is definitely made for mothers and kids. I think all mothers should watch it. Kids too, as they'll come to appreciate family bonds or rather, their mothers more. Next episode's preview looks promising, more will be revealed in Tomoya's part. The kid who played Tomoya should be recognized for his great portrayal of someone gentle, kind-hearted and yet conflicted.

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