Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aishiteru [final]

 I can't believe I finished this in 3 days time. Not even 3, more like 2 and a half. but anyways, back to the story...
Frankly, I thought after ep5, it got kinda boring, with the slow-paced storyline, and I did fast forward a little. However, even if you do so, you won't miss much. The verdict of the hearing was to send Tomoya into a children rehabilitation facility where he shall be judged upon and there's no time limit of his stay, in other words...it all depended on his attitude throughout the stay to see whether he could be released or not.

Fast forward a year later, he was released. I actually thought he would stay longer than a year really. But anyways, so he got out...but still feeling guilty of what he had done (naturally) and a bit pessimistic of his future life. But both parents had improved in their attitude towards their son. The biggest improvement, biggest character development though went to the father, even though he wasn't the main. His character changed from being a selfish man who pushed all the blame to the mother, and afraid of facing his own son, to a renewed man who balanced his career with family now.

 The Ozawa family had their share of happiness too. No doubt, once in a while they still reflect some memories of their son, but in time, they came to realize what's more important. They began to appreciate their only daughter now as she's still alive and the one to live with them from now on, instead of the dead son. They still remember Kiyotaka-kun in their own terms.

 I never really thought that Satsuki would have another child though lol after everything that happened. In a way, it's one of the ways to let Tomoya appreciate life itself. Tomoya gradually came to find comfort in his own family, able to consult with them of his true feelings and not keep everything to himself anymore.
So there....happy ending to everyone. I think that's the most typical ending for family drama. If not, viewers would be left unsatisfied.

Overall, it's a good drama to let you look at everything you have atm. Be it your own siblings or your children or as children, the way you look at your own parents, especially mothers would be different. All in all, the message will be delivered though it was rather slow-paced, so patience is something you need to finish everything.

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