Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita [ep 8]

Got the shock of my life when I saw Urara-san in Mita's uniform! It's a really nice little change the writers come up with for us viewers just to show us what it'd be like if Mita and Urara were to exchange places with each other.

Urara-san with a long hair wig lolz...they both did a pretty good impersonation of each other! Too bad it only lasted for only a minute. How I wish there's one episode where both exchanged roles, that'd be funny! Cliche yes, but entertaining xD

The beginning may be a bright opening but I can't say the same for the rest of it. There's really nothing much going in, drama is over with the family. Daddy comes back to stay with the kids, their relationship goes back to normal. So things now shift towards Mita, the mysterious housekeeper.


The kids tried to lure anything out of her, but to no avail. I do find the little competitions they had with Mita quite fun to watch despite the rather bland episode, except for the last 5 minutes.

Challenging Mita to solve the puzzle. Bad move, kids.


The last 5 minutes are really the only part you should watch. No, make it the first 2 minutes and last 5 minutes. Seriously, because I couldn't care less if the family makes up with the stubborn grandfather, but thanks to Mita, somehow, that is solved now too. What's left is really Mita's past. 

Mita finally told them her past, how she met the manager who's now her employer. Then she went on about her broken family, how her own mother detested her because her father died, while trying to save her from being drowned. Drowned? Again with the drowning? The writers must have some preference over that issue. After that, she told them about meeting her husband, their son...but her stepbrother ruined it all by setting the house on fire. To get the whole gist of her past, just watch the 5 minute revelation (coz I'm too lazy to tell everything here). Her story is tragic. That's all I can say for now. Matsushima Nanako really did her best to stay cool while telling her story BUT it's not hard to notice her watery red eyes while doing. Well, any sane person would be touched, let alone when she's the one narrating it. Aside from the red eyes, I say as Mita, she didn't flinch a bit, while the rest of the family was seen crying like babies, out of shock really. But I am quite touched by her story too.


The episode ended with her quitting her job because as promised, IF they insist her telling about her past, she would quit. While the episode lacks action and plot, like I said, the final 5 minutes is really the only gem in the entire episode, except if you're like me, who don't mind some fun in the beginning. xD 

Next episode will have an extra 15 minutes, I wonder why though. It's certainly not the final episode now right? In conclusion, this drama is beating the hell out of every single show for this season for reaching an astounding 31.5% for ep9! It's beating the other expected drama to shine this season, Nankyoku Tairiku led by Kimura which so far, the rating has been disappointing. Well, even I don't follow it much anymore, but I will finish the show because I don't like leaving business unfinished, unless I get really bored. Seems like Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu is doing pretty good alongside with Nazotoki.


Honestly, I don't exactly have a favorite show this season, it's been a bit of a lackluster for me. There's not a single drama that I'd anticipate every single week like Soredemo did to me last season xD Kaseifu is a serious drama and though I usually love serious themes, this one doesn't quite lure me much. But it's doing so good based on the ratings, I guess Japanese viewers must have missed Mitsushima Nanako a lot after her hiatus. It's good to see her on screen again, what more with an unconventional role as a comeback. Didn't do much to me but overall, it's okay. All I cared about is Mita anyway lolz.

Someone please sub 11 Nin mo Iru! Am dying to continue that show. If I am to list the dramas I enjoy this season (not favorite but enjoyed), they'd be Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu, 11 Nin Mo Iru for its hilarious scenes, HUNTER (light hearted show) and Kaseifu (just for Mita).


  1. Hi! I really like reading your reviews since I end up agreeing to most of the things that you have pointed out.. lol! like for example I don't really care about the family on Mita.. XD I find them really annoying. XD but Mita-san is the only one that's making me follow the episode every week.. Anyway, trixi at d-addicts is currently working on 11 nin mo iru~ so yeah. good news! :D
    I'm highly addicted to that drama... watching it raw is a pain but its still entertaining. I'm just sharing the good news~ :D

  2. kat, glad that u enjoyed reading.

    and that's awesome news! Can't wait to continue 11 nin again! I tried watching without subs but I realized it won't be as funny since my Japanese isn't that good to grasp every single detail.

  3. yeah.. since most of the comedy in the drama are dependent on the lines and exchanges, but its fun to see the actors deliver the lines and I can concentrate on watching their acting than while watching this with subs but it'll definitely be funnier when the subs come out. :D

    I'm already suffering from withdrawals since the final episode will be airing this friday. XD


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