Monday, November 14, 2011

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu [ep 3]

Thank god for more men in this show! Initially, I was complaining about the lack of male counterparts in this though it's obviously focused on the four main girls. I'm glad they widen the choices and bring in more guys for the girls. There's a particular one I like a lot, and that's Mako's co-worker, who tries to befriend her. I'm sure he has something for her, because let's face it, how many guys actually bring their own bento to work?! Lolz...that scheme is so obvious, but Mako's too blind to even see it through!I don't know why Mako still likes that douchebag, seriously! Can't you see that he has nothing for you? He even goes and sleep with someone he just met! And that someone is actually Mako's little sister who is her total opposite. Mako is beyond rescue if she still pursues that douche even after knowing about the one night stand he had with her sister, well..providing if she finds out soon, which I'm sure she will.


As for the married couple, they might as well just get a divorce because the guy obviously has no feelings whatsoever left for her wife. Their marriage at this point is worst than being stale. I can't really put the blame on anyone of them both yet at this point because the wife is obviously trying to save their marriage by thinking about building a family, and Shiraishi, I guess he just thought that being the way they are is enough for him. But that is till he meets an outgoing girl like Saki. Saki...I really do feel sorry for her. The career part, definitely. I feel so happy for her when she receives the call saying she can move forward with the official interview for the publishing job she has dreamed of.

And she's a responsible daughter too. Yeah, minus the fact that she lied to her mother about her real job at the moment, I'm surprised she still gives money to them every month, without a full-time job, but a part-time night club job. That said, I'm so disappointed when she finds out she can't get the publishing job in the end. Sometimes, I think they should cut her some slack. And the bad news is coupled with her finding out that Shiraishi is actually married. Shiraishi is such an honest guy (well...he did tell her the truth).


Oh anybody else feel the same heart-shattering moment as I did for Emi when Yu musters up enough courage and confesses to everybody during lunch about his marriage plan with Hikari. Emi, don't worry gal...I'm sure you'll find someone better than Yu! 

And so she did...though I'm not sure whether he's actually a good guy yet. But he's pretty decent so far, albeit too nervous? Emi, you should not miss this chance to befriend more guys lolz...Well, the guy's tall! I mean, Karina in real life is pretty tall, and she's only at the guy's neck xDD

One thing I like about this show is it's not draggy, it doesn't stand still at any point for too long to bore us viewers. And when I thought that we're going to be stuck with only 3 guys in this show, they prove me wrong with this pleasant surprise - bringing another 2 new guy characters. There's always new elements installed and of course, the music and atmosphere, everything looks great and pretty. But I also like how the writers aren't trying too hard to impress us. They seem to just go along with the flow naturally and bringing these characters closer to us. I'm pretty sure girls out there will find something along the plot that relates to their lives, even just a little xD

I'm rooting for Saki and Shiraishi at the moment, because they seem like they deserve some happiness in their miserable life. They get along well and their chemistry seems great for now. To tell the truth, I can't help but feel bit sad when Saki decides to cut off their ties right there and then after knowing Shiraishi's married. Initially, I thought Saki will be THE annoying character in this show, coz there's always one in every show like this. However, it turns out that she just might be my favorite. I still don't care for Mako but I do hope Emi will be able to forget about Yu. 

"They say you don't have a chance to meet that special someone, but maybe we just don't notice we do" - I like this quote for some reason xD

Rating: 8.5/10

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