Monday, November 14, 2011

Runaway [ep 2]

Still on the run, the four convicts and the extra baggage (sorry, the little girl) make they way from a place to another. I can't recall any of the places they've been to or where they're heading, except for Great Seto Bridge. Too many places on the map I don't bother to know. The episode doesn't reveal much, at least nothing much to shout about from what we already know from the previous episode.

The girl's interaction with Ataru is kinda sweet because as we know, Ataru himself has a daughter whom he hasn't even got the chance to hold yet, so it's no wonder he feels a connection to the girl more so than the rest of the guys. His fatherly instinct kicks in and defending her becomes a second nature for him. I do find the bit about why the girl hates people who smokes or rather has fear for cigarettes and wouldn't go to public baths quite sad. And Ataru understands exactly why and kudos to him to stand up for her, though getting into a fight in the middle of a station is kinda dumb when the police is everywhere looking for them.

Again, Kuya (Ueda Tatsuya) plays the idiotic character whose sole purpose is for comic relief in this show very well. I think it comes as really natural for him to play this dumb and blur character because from the KAT TUN shows that I've watched, they're's their JOB to be laughed at. No offence but I mean, that's exactly why I watch some of their shows (even though I'm not a fan xD). That said, he's delivering his character quite well so far. Bit sorry for him when his mother actually tells him to just go somewhere and die. What a mother.

Ataru's daughter's illness isn't getting any better and Yuki is in a tight spot keeping the secret about their past from the ex-detective who's digging the case again. But in the ending scene, she finally confesses to the ex-detective that she was the one who did it. I wonder how things will result from this really. For self-defense, do you get jail time? But we know Ataru will never let that happen. I'm thinking IF he's going to lose two person at one go, he'd rather go back and serve jailtime again.

The guys find their first haul and things begin to look brighter for them. However Kuya escapes with all the money in the middle of the night and looks like the next episode shall focus on his arc. How will the writers continue with this story? Having 4 fugitives and a kid on the run, chased by police can be quite boring if stretched too long. Let's hope something interesting will turn up soon.

Rating: 7.5/10


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