Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kaseifu no Mita [ep 6- 7]

Let me be frank with all of you who are watching this show, I have zero care or feelings left for any of the characters except for Mita. Though she is the coldest, expressionless and most robotic human (that is IF she isn't a robot), you'll ever find in dramas, she's the only person who I actually do care for and curious of the past.

After having watched ep6, which by the way, was a really hard episode to swallow for me, I have come to several conclusions:

1. Yui is a useless selfish bratty oldest sister who thinks of nothing but herself. Seriously, even if she had succeeded in committing suicide or Mita somehow managed to stab her to death, she shall not be missed by anyone. IN FACT, I was nearly cheering for Mita to just stab her there and then be done with the character. Don't even get me started with Yui and her outrageous actions in ep 6.

2. Useless father remains as useless as he could ever be. So that pretty much sums it all up for his character.

3. As useless as Urara can be, I was surprised that the writers actually got her to SAVE Yui from jumping into the river. IF ONLY she remains useless! Then, we shall not be plagued by Yui ever again.

Yes, I use a lot of 'useless' because well, they're all USELESS!
I nearly gave up on this show in the midst of ep 6 because of Yui's arc. Can someone be so dumb as her? Eloping with a senior who sees you as just another sex toy? Seriously?! And to think that she's the eldest and yet, her stupid actions make her look like a 2 year old! The family is no doubt a mess. A hot mess that will need a thousand cleaning hours to even go back the way it was, but she falls apart even before the younger siblings do and take the easiest way out. Running away from home is really one of the last actions I'd actually guessed from the eldest sibling. But the writers seem to have fun making Yui look like a total dumbass and purposeless. It's not even funny.

Things got slightly better in ep 7 but I still don't care for the kids or the father or anybody except for Mita.

Guy should just drown in the shallow river.

I'm not going to lie. I'm finding for a solid reason to continue watching the show, and I am constantly turned off by the kids and the father. Annoyed to the max. In the end, it's still Mita who manages to lure me back every single time. Her past is still in the dark and I'm sure the audience are dying to know what really happened. We get a glimpse of it in these two episodes, she lost both her husband and son, and she feels guilty about it. Hence, the cold appearance and no smile.

I'm going to continue just for her alone and I sure hope there'd be an episode where she actually cracks a genuine smile or cry or whatever, other than the expressionless face. But Matsushima Nanako is definitely the gem in this show.

Rating: 7/10


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