Monday, November 7, 2011

11 Nin mo Iru! [ep 2]

Kazuo's part-time job gets discovered by his father at the gay bar and things couldn't get anymore interesting than what comes after. The whole scenario of finding your own son, the son whom you thought to have been brought up beautifully, even though in a poor condition, turns out to be working at a gay bar and mingling closely with the obviously gay customers. The following suspicion and also confrontation are really the highlight of the episode, which got me crackling with laughter throughout.

Look at the stepmum's expression upon hearing that their eldest son may have other tendencies. But the picture the father snapped of him was pretty nice though xDD So, Kazuo gets troubled by the misunderstanding when none of them believes him when he explains that he's really just after the money. Well, Kazuo it seems that it's easier to just go with the 'gay' lie for now haha...

Meanwhile, Kazuo gets irritated by the fact that he's still a virgin. Okay, this is where I had to stop and ponder for a while. Sure, he's almost graduating high school and though most guys his age do have dirty thoughts, I'm still finding it hard to believe that he actually resorted to having his first time with the part-time mate he's working with, out of the blue! The girl's pushy but Kazuo sure has a weak spot for girls like her I suppose.


No wonder they misundertand that you have a soft side in you, Kazuo...I laughed out so loud when they showed these sequences in the previous episode. I've always thought that this particular part is a bit overdone for a straight character but didn't realize that they're actually preparing this scene for this episode's justification. LOL xDD

Kazuo's younger sister, Niko has her own issue, falling for seemingly spoit rich kid but turns out he's just lonely and yearns for more company. As for the ghostly Megumi, well...she continues spying on her beloved kids and try to stop them from doing silly things. Not much screentime this time around but I thought it was kinda sweet when everyone wished her happy birthday when she thought they've forgotten about her entirely. Her interaction with Saigo is lovely.

By the end of the episode, Kazuo gets into trouble when the girl he slept with who apparently has a boyfriend, 10 times bigger in size and horrifying than him comes looking with a metal bat. He's definitely in a hot mess xD Another very fun episode, especially when Kazuo gets mistaken by his parents that he's gay. Next episode seems to focus on another member of the family, another younger sister.

Rating: 8.5/10

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