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Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 10-11 end]

Futaba has a plan in mind after taking Hiroki's knife from his car in last episode. It shows how desperate she is to wake his brother up from all his sins. Sad that she feels what her brother has done so far is her fault, just coz her brother said so in the previous episode. Can someone please tell her that it has nothing to do with her at all? I mean, the brother's got a lose screw in his head.



Hiroki finds her at the phone booth and he decides to search her real mother's home with her at the island. Just a sidenote: it's raining outside and she's locking herself in the booth with all the sweat? I mean, look at how much she sweats! Same goes to Hiroki's clothes. She'd have fainted in the booth if not for Hiroki to wake her up and get her out of there.

Due to the local's report, Futaba and Hiroki overhears about someone who plans on committing suicide, which is exactly what Fumiya does.

But he can't possibly just die like this after causing all the misery to everyone around him. His death will only add to that. He should live to repent. He is saved by Hiroki and I find this scene really powerful for some reason. I mean, yes, it's contradicting to what both Hiroki and Futaba initially plans. I mean, they both WANT to kill Fumiya or at least, it occured in their mind before. But watching how surreal it is between life and death, Hiroki's reflex is to save him and Futaba's frantically calling her brother. It's ironic but very real. I guess it all comes down to each of their own human nature. While Fumiya has killing instinct in him, both Futaba and Hiroki represents those that don't.

"No matter how many times you try to kill yourself, I'll save you." - Hiroki

They finally bring Fumiya to the police and he surrenders himself.

Highlight of episode 10:
1. Hiroki saving Fumiya at the pool
2. Hiroki's conversation with Fumiya at the diner - I really find this one of Eita's shining moment in this episode, great acting and script!
3. Futaba losing her cool at the end when she gives her brother the kick from behind and multiple punches - totally didn't see this coming at all

As for the finale,with Fumiya finally in the hands of the police, it's time to focus on their own lives. Hiroki's mother allows Futaba's family to visit Aki's grave. She asks them not to apologize to Aki. It's good to see her letting go off the sorrow and anger.


Am I sensing Hiroki's confession during his talk with Futaba? lolz...I said before that no matter what I'll support this pair and I still do really want them to be together. So the moment Futaba mentions she wants to be the little girl's mother, I got the shock of my life. Okay, that's a bit over-exaggerating. My reaction is exactly like Hiroki's once he hears her decision.

You're kidding right?

Oh Hiroki is so heart-broken!!!!~ Arghhhh....

But it's okay. I find myself cheering so loud for Hiroki when he rushes outside to ask Futaba out!

'Yes, it's a date!' - Way to go Hiroki!!!~

They have an outing at the amusement park and is it just me of they dress nicer for the occassion hehe...but it seems that Hiroki still hasn't got rid of his bright coloured socks.

Hiroki asks if Futaba is free to go out next week or anytime soon again like this...I see Hiroki trying to keep in touch with Futaba. However, she seems a bit reluctant with the excuse that she has a lot to think about being the girl's mother.
I want more outings between them like this!!!~ T___T

Later that night, they have dinner and for once, a proper dinner! But the night ends in such a sombre manner. It's so obvious both don't want the night to end but they have to bid farewell. Hiroki's so reluctant till the point of refusing to wave goodbye to Futaba xD Awww...


The hug is definitely needed. For those who supports these two, the hug at least gives us some comfort. I mean, even if they can't be together, they can at least have a hug you know.

Can't this pair find some happiness at all?

Hiroki visits Fumiya and while they don't speak a word for the whole 15 minutes given, before he leaves, Hiroki shows him the picture of Fumiya's mother, because he mentions to his father how he has forgotten his mother's face. I think by seeing that again, it may finally make him able to feel again. Coz he cries, in front of Hiroki.


The final montage shows how all of them are living normally again. Both Hiroki and Futaba narrates each of their letters. But we see them tying little notes to the tree branches and we're not sure whether they actually send letters to each other physically, by post. Because Futaba once mentioned how the little notes to the trees are like sending out letter but not really doing so. I guess we can assume that they don't really exchange letters. But that aside, since it's open-ended, I'll just imagine them still keeping in touch with each other. xDD


Overall thought:
I feel like I've been taken on such a memorable journey by this show. By the characters themselves. The journey is definitely not a happy one, but depressingly good. For a long time, I think since 1 Liter of Tears and Mother, I've not been moved so much by a show like this one. While I didn't cry buckets like I did for 1 Liter, this is one serious drama, not too melodramatic, okay maybe a bit but it's not done in an exaggerated manner, instead it's just right and it really stir your heart watching them. When they cry, you'll find yourself reaching out to them and tears just naturally flow. Kudos the writers for such brilliant script and plot. Also not forgetting, the top-notch performances by both Eita and Hikari. I hope this drama wins the awards it deserves soon and be recognized. 

And now, I'm looking forward to another show with both Eita and Hikari together because, really, they have such great chemistry! Even though it's their first time acting together, they really warm up first to their roles and deliver wonderfully. I was bit disappointed with the open-ending but nevertheless, not everything is Happily Ever After in wonderland.

nice touch to have Hiroki returning to his *ehem* pervert *ehem* self...lolz

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