Friday, October 28, 2011

Hunter [ep 3]

Suspecting your own husband as a criminal is not fun. For a change of pace, this week, the girls are continuing their Bounty Hunter activity but with a catch. The criminal they’re after somehow relates to Kazumi’s husband, in all the wrong ways. Seriously, how can everything be so messed up?

Just a little synopsis of the details that add up to the suspicion: Apparently, the crime took place 10 years ago, on Kazumi’s birthday and somehow she becomes unnecessarily worried just because her husband didn’t show up for the birthday dinner. To make things worse, they find an old picture of both the victim and him together at a party. Not only that, her son scribbled his father’s image on the ‘wanted’ criminal’s poster. That is really the beginning of her suspicion lol. My initial impression is the son must just be missing the father too much! (Kazumi has this marital fight with him and so she stays over at Akane’s restaurant).


Seeing how life-altering this case can be for Kazumi if the husband is found to be guilty of murder, Rei decides to investigate this further, without telling the other two. Then they take us on the road of ultimate suspicion when Rei and Kazumi tests the husband out by luring him to meet up at scenes related to the crime. I’m ashamed to say that I was nearly fooled by the scheme Rei and the kids carried out. But the thing that made me realize it was all a trap was when Rei suddenly gets the call from Gondo and hurriedly disappears. When you have a suspect right under your nose, you don’t just leave the scene. Though that gave it away for me, it was still fun to watch Kazumi actually believing and devastated at the same time thinking that her husband is really the criminal after all.
They finally arrive at the restaurant he proposed to Kazumi 10 years ago and all three, Rei and the two kids appear. Turns out that all the places they visited that day are places filled with memories for both of them, just that Kazumi was too focused on the crime to think otherwise. They reconciled in the end, as expected.

I mentioned how it’s a bit unrealistic if they go on solving each and every case successfully so it’s good to change the direction a bit this time. They didn’t get to solve the case, instead, Kazumi’s household trouble. So they didn’t earn anything in this episode, but happiness is definitely much more precious than paper money for Kazumi. Another scene I like is when Rei teased Gondo when he tells her he’s married but single now. Rei thinks he’s divorced and laughed at him until Gondo’s turns all gloomy and uttered “she’s dead.” I totally laugh out loud at Rei and the other guy who holds the shaking thingy reactions when they shut their mouth upon hearing that. Though after that, Gondo tells that he’s just joking, I really doubt that. Gondo definitely has a dark past he still can’t get over with. With him, it’s hard to know what is real and what’s not. There’s no real case this week, but Kazumi’s dilemma is kinda funny.

Akane should appear more in this show. I know they’re trying to build up something huge for her character towards the end of the show, but really, appearing for just 5 seconds in every other episode makes her character totally unmemorable.
Rating: 8/10

I nearly forgot that Akane exists in this drama

Last but not least...
better not piss Rei off

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