Saturday, October 29, 2011

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika [ep 4]

It's official. Erika has the best ever husband. She has been suspecting him coming home late, secretive phone calls and also constant perfume scents on his coats. Things don't get any better when she receives a new case whereby the client suspects the husband having an affair. This causes her emotion to be bit unstable when working on the case and also drifting off to her own dilemma.


For the new case, Erika infiltrates a hostess club in Ginza, by being one herself of course as we get to see her in pretty dresses than her usual housewife clothes. Both her boss, Soichi and the assistant, Junpei get a taste of the club's service too for the final attempt to bring down the baddies. Good to see them having more screentime and help in the case.

Who is the woman with the blonde wig anyway who Soichi has been seeing in secret for information? Will there be anything more than just an informant there? Anyways, pretty fun episode with undercover hostess, Junpei as some spoilt rich kid, toy gun and yakuza influence involved.

Like I mentioned, Erika has one of the best husband. Her suspicion all went down the drain when it is revealed that he was just planning a surprise birthday party for her with other friends. Hence the secretive activities lately. Plus, the perfume scent is from the hunt for the perfect perfume for her. Well, Erika...before you suspect your own husband, make sure you remember your own birthday properly first xDD
Rating: 8/10


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