Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hidan no Aria [ ep 1 Preview ]

Just started watching this few days ago and found it to be rather interesting, well..amusing should be the word. Although it's about high schoolers, I'm drawn to it because it involves weapons. xD Okay by now it shouldn't be a secret that I like anime that use weapons, any sort as long as they involve fighting. 

This show has exactly that except they're being utilized by high schoolers, and the main character herself, Aria looks like an elementary kid though. Must be because of her unnatural shortness that even Kinji (male protagonist) mistakes her for being a little kid. That is until she begins attacking him with both hand guns and two swords - she's nicknamed Quadra Aria, meaning she fights with 4 weapons.


The story is rather simple - Kinji and Aria both belong to Butei School, a special school that allows their students to carry guns all the time (coz that's what they learn aside from normal students). Aria belongs to noble family and she's here in Japan as a transfer student to track down the Butei Killer for her mother has been framed. 

Fate brings both Kinji and Aria together and not long after, Aria forces her way into his apartment and orders him to be her slave. No weird or hentai reaction now. Her slave basically means partner. Egoistic Aria just can't bring herself to admit that.


It's also funny how Kinji has inherited this genetic disorder known as Hysteria Mode. In desperate times or when he finds himself in the midst or danger/tension or for example, buried in between a woman's chest, he'll have this sudden blood rush and becomes like a totally different person. The advantage of the mode is him gaining more power/abilities/confidence. Despite that, he prevents from getting into the Mode. I wonder why though. Hey if that can help save your life or someone else then by all means, please come, right?

Aria is a rather annoying character to be frank and goes into this throwing tantrum mode everytime she can't get her way in things, which almost always drive Kinji crazy, well, me too really. However, she's a crucial character and can be very intuitive at times too.


I'm halfway through the show, and enjoying it so far. It's not something I'll watch again and again, except for some of the fighting scenes which are executed pretty well. Some of the sequences are good and the plot can be very serious too, but not the heavy type. I'll say it's rather comedic as they dwell with everyday life and then things turn serious/dramatic when they get down to business, fighting enemies.

Rating: 8.0/10

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