Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ga-Rei: Zero OST and final battle video

I won't be providing the whole soundtrack here but just the few tracks which I find really really AWESOME and really touching. Yes, you should at least try have a listen to these few. If you want the whole OST albums, you can get them here Ga-Rei:Zero full OST. It's a forum so all you have to do is find for Ga-Rei and you'll see a total of 6 albums under that. Enjoy!

Links of music is below. First, I'd like to share the most heart-wrenching and possibly the saddest part of the show for me.

Yomi's lines are the ones that hit me the hardest.

"Death Stone, if you let me follow my heart's desires, you know what my true wish will be, don't you? My true wish, my true desire, that is...Karuga. I want to protect her. I want to protect her from any misery. I want to protect her from any misfortune. Those who hurt her, those who put her in danger, those who cause her misfortune, I want to eliminate all of them. I beg you. Protect her. Eliminate her misery. Even if...the cause of that is me!"

Reincarnation~Last Harmony~ (piano piece behind)
Transmigration of the Soul 

Trust~Woodwind~ (happier track)

Everytime I hear Reincarnation tracks (all the versions) I can't help but the final battle scene plays in my mind and T____________________T

Father is also very sad.

Have a listen first if you're just curious:

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