Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chihayafuru [ep 1]

This is the first anime I watched this season and what a pleasant surprise! This is a good one and I’m certain to follow it through till the end. Other than the interesting plot, the animation itself is worth praising. It’s similar to Hanasaku Iroha for me and I like that.

Chihaya and Taichi

Just a bit of a recap: Chihaya has a sister who’s a pageant winner and so naturally, she’s known in school by everyone as the “Beauty Queen’s sister”. Not really the kind of tag I’d want for myself if you ask me. However, Chihaya has no problem with that because since she was little, her friends have been acknowledging that. Probably she’s gotten used to it. Plus, she’s really happy for her sister. It seems that she is even more excited than her own sister when she gets all hyped up whenever her sister appears on the newspaper. Despite having such a pretty older sister, Chihaya herself is more of a tomboy and has often been said that her beauty is wasted by her fellow classmates.

Chihaya in sweatpants under the skirt lolz

The episode is more of a flashback though but worry not. The young Chihaya and her two other friends are really adorable! In the present time, Chihaya just enters high school and is looking for people to join her in the Karuta Club (idiom cards game). She then stumbles into her childhood friend, Taichi. The reunion brings memories of their middle school and Chihaya wonders about another friend, Arata whom they’ve lost contact with. So this is where we get to see how they first met back in the days. Arata is a new student in school, doesn’t talk much so the kids see him as an outcast, except for Chihaya. She’s interested in him (probably curious) and makes friends with him. 

And I sensing some jealousy from Taichi when he pushed Taichi to the ground, when he saw him with Chihaya? Kiddy youth really amuses me!

Arata is soooo cuteeeee

Chihaya soon finds out that Arata has an extreme liking and definitely aptitude too in the Karuta game. Arata gets easily excited and focused when he talks about karuta.

seriously?! stuck on the wall?!!

Chihaya is astounded by Arata's swift moves in picking out the cards, so she wants to at least get one. And this is where cute Chi-chan prevails lolz...

adorable, no?

All characters so far are very believable and loveable too. I'm curious of what Arata has been doing since they part ways. It'd be nice to see them reunite and go on playing Karuta. I think I understand more of what karuta is all about now (it reminds me of Don Quixote's final episode where they played it, though that was different theme). The background music is also very fitting, soothing. Great first episode.

Rating: 9/10 - yes somehow I truly enjoyed it! And bonus points for Arata's dialect hehehe

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