Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zenkai Girl [ep 11 finale]

I find myself fast-forwarding through the finale. There are a few complaints I have upon watching this episode. One of them, the most obvious is the constant flashbacks to make up for the 45 minutes. I was thinking, if they’re gonna be giving us flashbacks during the finale, why don’t they just make 10 episodes, instead of 11. I literally skipped all those past scenes because I don’t want to be wasting my time watching things I have already seen and understand. It’s not like we don’t know Wakaba’s personalities anyway, right? It’d be informational for new viewers who just happened to watch the finale, say for example but for us followers, it’s unnecessary. Another issue is how cliché it is. Well, I kinda expected the ending to be like this so it didn’t come as a surprise.


However, despite all those things I just mentioned, the finale is quite pleasant to watch though, if you ignore the flashbacks and concentrate on the present. So a bit of a recap of what goes down in the finale. Like I predicted, Soyoko finally realizes that Sota has only eyes and thoughts for Wakaba’s well being after he tells her that he’s leaving for France the very day Wakaba’s getting married.  Sota, dear…this is your flaw on your part. See, I knew he’s going to hurt Soyoko this way and somehow making use of her once he agrees to date her and try to forget Wakaba. It’s an unfair action for Soyoko but thank god, he doesn’t go as far as to forcefully marry her and then have kids, and then 10 years down the road have a rocky marriage with Soyoko. Thank god for Soyoko that she backs out from that self-destructive plan when she realizes she ain’t going to be happy like this with Sota.


What actually amuses me though, isn’t about Sota or Wakaba in the finale. I actually find the merge between Sakurakawa firm and Smith & Clark a great move! I never saw it coming and having seen Shindo defeated like that by Sakurakawa’s genius plan to save herself and the company is one of the highlights of the finale. What’s even more interesting is how she plans for Shindo to be the representative in New York for the company and Wakaba is to be hired officially and accompany Shindo at NY. I like how she manages to put both future husband & wife together at the one city Wakaba has been aiming for all along.

And Shindo-san…it’s sweet that you finally realized how to make the one you love happy. Thanks to Hinata’s advice or should I say, wise words, to Soyoko, that makes him and Soyoko let go off their loved ones for their own good.

So a surprise party in plan, Wakaba is in her wedding gown, thinking she should tell Shindo the truth and most probably break off the wedding. Little does she know or see coming, she stumbles into Sota who is preparing for the meals at the same venue for her supposed wedding. Yeah, things can not go anymore cliché than this. But that aside, let’s just be happy for the two for they finally confess to each other and the perfect kiss they give us!


Overall thought:
I know I complained about how cliché it gets for them to be together in the end, but I have to admit, the last bit is a good touch to break off from the overused plot. Wakaba and Sota didn’t get married right on the spot that day, instead they decide to not contact each other till they achieve their dreams. I find that bit odd considering what if they find somebody else along the way over the years as they strive for their dreams? But it’s still good that they don’t give up on their ambitions. So who says that one cannot be both successful or juggle between work and family?


The show kicks off really strong and interesting/amusing, with great comedy on Wakaba’s part, then it got draggy, slow-paced with a lot of indecisiveness in the midst of everything and you’ll see the children making bigger and wiser decisions than the adults, almost laughable (eyeroll). However, at least the ending is well done, the kind everyone basically expected but still hoped for of course. Aragaki Yui and Ryo played their parts well but sometimes, I find the younger stars outshine them a lot. Especially in the finale, I’d actually give the best actress award for the child actress who plays Hinata lolz…(just look at her award-winning crying scene at the beginning of the finale). As for the TV Awards, I won’t be surprised if Aragaki Yui gets the Best Actress though but I’m pinning hope on somebody else *ehem* Soredemo*ehem*. That aside, Zenkai Girl has been fun to watch!

Overall rating: 8.8/10 – minus points for being super draggy and annoying character moments for their indecisiveness

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