Saturday, September 24, 2011

Team Batista 3 [ep 11 Finale]

Team Batista 3 had been fun and suspenseful to watch. Till the end of the episode, I still have the faintest idea of who the real criminal is. Of course, the criminal turned out to be one of those that I suspected, but I was still doubtful till the revelation came.

Let’s recap the episode.  Usami is still on the run and Ikaruga has sent out an arrest warrant for him. He gets a call and order from the higher ups to make sure Usami isn’t let go off easily, and even goes as far as to tell him to kill him and make as if it is one of those desperate measures. By doing so, all the crimes can be pinned on him alone and the police is free of any controversies. At this point, my suspicion towards Ikaruga has definitely increased. He’s more than determined now to capture Usami as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, Usami is in his hiding place with Sasai sensei who voluntarily follows him to find out the truth themselves. She makes a call to Gucchi asking him not to find her and not worry. Shiratori and Gucchi also conduct investigation of their own and as usual, Shiratori finds out clues here and there which lead them to the final confrontation. Shiratori is definitely some sort of a genius, I’d say. He always figure out things within the conversation, ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL. It’s such a waste for him to be in the Health Ministry when he should be employed in the police force lolz…


Usami and Sasai makes a breakthrough too when they find out the criminal’s name in Kitayama’s old notebooks when he was interrogating Matsusaki. However, Usami decides to take over and act alone from then on and he cuffs Sasai so she can’t follow him longer. Ikaruga then finds out Usami’s hideout and goes to the venue to find Sasai, who manages to escape from the cuff (thanks to the loose bolts). I hate to say this but I seriously thought that Ikaruga is going to take her as hostage lolz…yes, my suspicion towards Ikaruga is the biggest at this point. But oh, how I was completely fooled by the writers!

The real criminal for the 7 different but similar murders in the last 20 years is actually Mitsusaki’s friend who helps to defend him. I knew something is fishy from the phone call between him and Mitsusaki. But I never thought it’d actually amount to something like this. Of course, before he makes his move to kill yet another girl, Shiratori and Gucchi find him and stop him. Usami appears too and has him at gunpoint, causing him to release the girl. Usami wants to finish him off there and then but oh Gucchi, why must you always be the good guy? Why must you always be the preacher? I guess that’s the only purpose Gucchi is in the show. A stark contrast of Shiratori (I like Shiratori btw), and always see good in every person. He stops Usami from killing him, but Usami gets himself stabbed instead by the baddie. See what you just did Gucchi! If Usami has died from that, I seriously don’t want Gucchi around in Team Batista series anymore. Usami isn’t the most loveable character in the show but he’s just trying to find out the truth, like everybody else. The baddie escapes the building but stumbles into Ikaruga and Sasai who are nearby. What a coincidence (rolls eyes)…but well, it’s a drama after all, so that’s forgiven. However, there’s this scene where the mystery of the first case is solved by Sasai and then Gucchi is like saying how it’s good that Sasai sensei finally finds out the truth. The WHOLE TIME they are discussing that matter, I couldn’t help but want to scream at them “You have a bleeding victim on the floor, stabbed in the guts, and you’re talking about the case?! Seriously, somebody do something to save the poor guy!” Poor Usami, having to listen to them brag while he bleeds. I just find the whole scenario a bit unbelievable.


Overall thought:
It’s been a great show and journey. Like I mentioned previously, the criminal could’ve been anyone at most of the time throughout the show. Everyone is just so suspicious and each to their own motive. The writers have to be given credit for making it suspenseful, thrilling, and somewhat amusing (mostly Shiratori and Gucchi’s interaction). I do find the fact that going against the AI a bit weird and odd though. Wouldn’t it be good that the police just accept the fact that nothing can go against the advancement of technology and work together? At least, I think that way, Kitayama wouldn’t have sacrificed himself. However, I have to say, the scene where Ikaruga finally apologizes to the public, victims’ families in front of the media, is definitely quite moving. Because you’d never hear him say sorry throughout the show! And when he finally uttered it with the most sincere heart, it’s a nice touch to his character. Shiratori’s the best though xD Here’s to hoping for the 4th installment!  

Overall rating: 8.5/10 – definitely one of the better investigation shows this season, alongside Zettai Reido 2.


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