Monday, September 5, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 8]

Nakura is returning to his old annoying self! Kamatsuda tries to make up for her sudden morning departure despite Nakura asking her to stay. However, Nakura acts nonchalant about it as if nothing happens. Besides, he has more important things to care about especially if it means a higher post in the forensic department.

The Chief, Takeda is acting oddly when a case appears whereby the victim's injuries seem suspicious. Oodate agrees to do the autopsy thinking Takeda will have her back and supports her, but turns out, he disagreed.

Nakura makes his moves and deliberately asks Takeda's daughter whether her father has been acting weirdly or drinking at home. From the way I see it, he's trying to create a bad impression on Takeda so that if anything happens, he shall be the one to assume his post.
Kamatsuda finally realizes Nakura's real character when he suddenly bursts out that he wishes for her to always stay by his side and supports him all the way. That was pretty scary, if you ask me.

Oodate and Kamatsuda team up to solve the case secretly. By doing so, they manage to prove that the victim is assaulted, resulting in his death and not by the natural heart attack. Oodate is prepared to resign since it is without Takeda's permission. But her resignation letter is returned and Takeda gives her an envelope to take care until he asks it back from her.

Towards the end of the episode, Takeda is seen telling his daughter that he shall reveal the secret he's been keeping all this while from her. He also meets with a new guy whom he has connections with regarding his secret and then when things turn sour, Takeda is pushed down the stairs and ends up unconscious.

Kamatsuda also finds out that it is Takeda who signed the false report earlier for the victim. With this, she tells Oodate and they both know something fishy is going on.

Okay, this is random BUT
I want to see more of this guy!

Takeda's arc is something pretty interesting. It's not something slapped at your face, or shoved down your throat, but it builds up from the 1st or 2nd episode and now it's reaching the peak. I'm really really curious of the mastermind behind it all. How does Takeda get tangled up with the mess? How is it that by doing what he's been doing, protect his daughter? A lot of questions to be answered. Nakura again, falls to the bottom of my chart. Why is it that he always plays the antagonist? lol...

Rating: 8/10
Let the showdown begin!

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