Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 10]

So the whole HUGE SECRET was to save the daughter’s life? You know there are going to be moral values coming out of this. A cliché found in most Japanese dramas that we viewers somehow is bored of, but still go on watching. Yes, we are immune to them but as jdrama lovers we try our best to ignore them even though some may be the cheesiest ever kind of values slapped right on your faces in every single episode. Bull Doctor is one of them. It’s an episodic drama and in each case,the wise Oodate will search for the tiniest ever clues just to justify the victims’ deaths, some of which may be stretching it a little too much. I’m not complaining, just pointing out the facts.

This week’s episode deals with Takeda’s revelation about the forged death reports he did for the past 10 years. The attempt to kill him fails and as usual, Oodate-Kamatsuda team work together  to transfer him to the university hospital instead for safety. Takeda’s daughter tries to find the truth by visiting  Yoshiro’s apartment to find her previous doctor when she was sick. So Yoshiro’s wife is actually one of her doctors who operated on her for the kidney transplant. She accidentally tells her that her mother died from the operation. Mia has always thought that her mother died after the operation.

When Takeda finally wakes up, he tells Mia the truth hidden from her. Her mother died due to medical mistake done by one of the doctors during the operation. The said doctor eagerly apologized and said he’d report the incident to the police immediately and asked to stop the operation. So now, we have a very responsible and honest doctor who admitted without hesitation about his own mistake. Wow…this could be the first. For the longest time, I remember watching doctors in dramas who don’t own up their mistakes and they go to infinite length to conceal the truth. Here, we have just the opposite. Someone please give the guy an award lol...Sorry but I’m not that convinced by the almost perfect doctor. But now that we have a dead body and one waiting for a healthy kidney, are we to give up on the living too? Takeda made the one mistake in his entire life that shall haunt him for the next 10 years, but I won’t blame it on him. Why sacrifice two lives when you can save one at least? I can hear lawyers or self-righteous people sneering at me. Well, Takeda was just doing what most fathers would’ve done. In that case, I can’t find myself blaming him. So he asked the fellow doctors and nurses to go on with the operation and they all conceal the truth.
I think the only mistake he’s done however was to help the police with their dirty jobs by forging autopsy reports. He may be threatened by them from his past doings but hey he could actually own up anyway because the kidney is now inside her daughter’s body. It’s not like the law can take it out of her. At least I don’t think so. His daughter may find the truth that the operation caused her mother’s death and face trauma.  It’s still WAY BETTER than having her look at him 10 years later as a criminal and visit him in jail. If he had owned up before, maybe he would’ve been out by now. Instead he chose to help the police doing wrong things one after another, piling up his years in jail.

Back in the forensic department, Yoshiro returns and apologizes for the threat mails. Surprisingly, now…actually it is rather appalling that they forgive him so easily! Yoshiro’s just plain lucky to have such colleagues and so he leaves unscathed from the incident. I don’t like how it is resolved so quickly.

Kamatsuda is promoted to Chief Clerk of the Public Welfare Department at Central Police Station. She’d have jumped in joy if the news came months ago when she hasn’t met Oodate. In the midst of investigating this new case that gets her so enthusiastic, she is definitely not celebrating the promotion. Nakura proposes to Kamatsuda. I never thought I'd see this day coming, ever. But compared to the old Kamatsuda, she remains composed and asks the reason for marrying her. She continues saying she doesn't know Nakura at all.

My goodness…Oodate’s husband’s hobby is classical theatre?! Totally didn’t see that coming. HAHA…

So the problem between Oodate and her husband is solved. The ending scene shows Chief Jomoji (the culprit) pushes all the blame on his secretary and Prof. Takeda for the crime as he introduces a new Chief - Nakura.Next week's should be the finale. I think we'll see how Oodate and Kamatsuda solve the case and save Takeda's ass. As for Nakura, after his failed attempt in proposing to Kamatsuda and humiliated and being the new Chief at the forensic department, will his colleague accept him?
Rating: 7.5/10

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