Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zettai Reido 2 [ep1]

I didn't include this in my list of Summer Japanese dramas, my bad. Because I kinda forgotten about this. I loved season 1, so it's just natural I'm looking forward to Season 2. The comeback of Aya Ueto, reprising her Sakuragi role, a rookie cop in learning progress within a group of other experienced seniors. However, I missed the SP, so I guess I'll have to get it because I have no idea how she came into the new group. There are still old casts, but two of them were gone. Someone was shot in the SP (special), no idea whether he made it or not. 

But anyways, in Season 2, the group just grew bigger and merrier. This time around, no more OLD STYLE investigation methods like questioning people or interrogation. Instead, they investigate in silence, in the background, in the shadow and never revealing their identities to the public/villains. Once in action , they resume other identities and have all kinds of surveillance to follow suspects and do research on them. Sometimes they'll have to make contact, but not as police. They also have tonnes of high-tech stuffs in their labs now, as compared to Season 1.


This can only mean one thing. More stuffs for Sakuragi to learn! Pity her for having a senior who is training her and demands that she not take up notes anymore, but record everything in memory. If you've watched Season 1, you'd have noticed that she's the type to scribble notes and go through them over and over again.

Yes, in desperate times...we should eat more bananas to boost our energy! Kinda nice to see her still eating them bananas like back in S1.

I have yet to see this senpai SMILE! He's the guy from JIN 2 lolz...glad to see him back in dramas!

Sakuragi during one of her OL roles, getting close to suspect's close friends.

Of course, if you're gonna do things behind their back, might as well bring back their garbage too!

I wonder if rummaging through garbage is fun...
I kinda miss the old team xDD
Didn't write much on the case itself (forgive me for being lazy xD).But oh! Tsukamoto from Season 1 died! Arghh...I'm getting the SP now. *heads over to d-addicts to search* The first episode is quite nice. They're special investigation team now, which means their methods of handling cases are discreet and executed behind the scenes. It was kinda fun to see them trailing the suspects from behind and everywhere, practically. Kinda like spying jobs. Sakuragi definitely has matured but still haunted by Tsukamoto's death. And now she has to face this annoying stern senpai. But I like the senpai xD He's cool. I gotta give him credit for having such professionalism in his work though.

First case will continue in the next, what a cliffhanger -__-

Rating: Giving this a 7/10.


They have banana drink packet!

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