Friday, August 5, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 4]

This week's episode revolves around Futaba's father. He told her that he did stumble into Fumiya once, and had wanted to bring him home, but in the end, didn't have the courage to when he thought about how happy and peaceful his family is now. He is ready to sacrifice his son in order to protect the family the way they are now. Futaba couldn't understand his father for doing so as a parent. For her, no matter what happened, Fumiya is still her brother and family.

Also, Hiroki's mother knew Futaba's real identity too (thanks to the gorilla T-shirt xD). Didn't know it'd bring so much significance lol. But it's great to witness and observe both Futaba and Hiroki's relationship. They seem to meet more often now, less awkward moments, BUT still slightly visible from time to time. The awkwardness is the one thing that really interests me though. I'm weird, maybe.

Most beautiful serene scene in the entire episode


Hiroki met Futaba's father and demanded that he find his son back. This was a part that I'm confused of initially. Subsequently, I kinda understood why he wanted to find Fumiya. Hiroki wanted to know the truth, the reason he murdered his little sister. Painful it may be, but I'd want to know the truth too if I were in his place.

There was this annoying obaasan at the shop who overheard their conversation. She practically, in front of everyone else, actually forced the father to kneel down in front of Hiroki to apologize for what his son did. That was a bit exaggerating. Yes, his son killed another younger girl, maybe without mercy, who knows the true story. But still, you don't do that in front in public, such humiliation. But it did make the father to apologize anyway. I just didn't like the way they view the assailant's family just for what the SON did. Such prejudice.


Hiroki's demand prompted the father to search for Fumiya. The mother didn't agree since this would mean the son=murderer would be back and disrupt their peaceful quiet life, the only one they could hang on atm.

There is no place for murderer in this house- Takami (mother)


Onii-chan's not my son, he's not born by me - Takami
Eh, then what about me? - Futaba

Wow, what a startling revelation moment in the household. After 20 years, the secret was out? So both Fumiya and Futaba were somebody else's children? The shock!

The final scene was nicely done. Futaba did a nomo baseball style.


Am I the only one thinking that the main casts, both Eita and Mistushima Hikari are really SUPERB in their respective roles? Because in each episode, their portrayal never ever fails to mesmerize me. Kudos to the directors/writers/stylists as well for giving them such believable makeup. I think this drama's the ONLY ONE this season that don't use fancy clothing or thick makeups. Everyone just looks so pale, so unattractive (sort of) and the women use MINIMAL makeup or NONE at all. But ironically, they still appeal a lot to me. It's through their facial expressions and body language that I truly enjoy this drama for its serious theme. Maybe it's just me but I have high hopes for Eita and Mitsushima Hikari to be nominated in Best Actor/Actress soon. But they do have other competitors like Matsuda Shota (Don Quixote) and even Aragaki Yui (Zenkai Girl). I'm leaning more towards Eita and surprisingly, sorta like newcomer, Hikari. I think she's the one who continues to give me more and more unexpected acting skills. This role might just be her breakthrough role. I've not seen much of her other stuffs before. I've only seen her in dramas like Tsuki no Koibito (minimal supporting role) and movies (supporting too).

All in all, this episode wasn't a blast, but still manage to maintain a certain level of dramatic scenes. Giving this a 7.5/10.

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