Monday, August 1, 2011

Zenkai Girl [ep 3]

After Wakaba realized and remembered how she actually did initiate the kiss on Shota, she was in a shock phase and constantly used disinfectant to get rid of the lingering whatever she was afraid of lol xD Despite how it was supposed to mean nothing to her, she couldn't help thinking about it and felt like she needed to bury herself with loads of work to prevent any disturbing thoughts. This literally meant that she did feel something about Shota right??? haha

At school, there was a meeting to discuss whether the parents allow the mud play, an event held every year. *I've never heard of this event before, at least NOT in my country, we don't PLAY MUD at kindy lolzz, but it would've been fun though* But again, Japan seems to have special events like these. Turns out, only BOTH Wakaba and Shota agreed to the event, while the rest of the parents were against it. There was a brief flashback from Wakaba where she played with mud when little, sweet though (check out snapshots at the end of the post).

Shota knew how important the event was for his son, Pitaro who gained confidence from mud playing ( basically he was a very shy kid until he opened up while mud playing). So, he proposed to Wakaba to go from house to house of the other parents to convince them to agree to the event. Wakaba had no intention of going against the decision decided by democracy vote, so she passed. Wakaba's colleague who got a crush on Shota turned up to help though.

Wakaba on the other hand, was invited by her 'Aaa' rated colleague to his mansion. Yeah, she got drunk and acted funny, but nothing happened. Shindo Kyoichi (the colleague) definitely got on her top list of future partners after finding out more of his venerable family's status.

Shota managed to only get about 2/3 of the parent's agreements, and although reluctant, Wakaba finally got the rest of the parent's signatures for him.


The episode ended with the kids playing mud at the preschool background (it looked fun but dirty? lolz). Shota wanted to thank Wakaba for the help and made her a homecooked meal. However, when he arrived, he saw her and Shindo talking. Shindo came over and asked Wakaba to be his girlfriend. Although shocked, she quickly agreed after Shindo mentioned all the things he planned in the future, for example, gracing Forbes magazine, getting a private jet plane etc...all of which were Wakaba's dreams.

Will there be a showdown between Shota and Shindo??? I'm all for Shota really but if Wakaba can't realize just how good of a person he is, then there's not point. In fact, Wakaba's colleague is kinda good too, only if Shota likes her. Anyways, it seemed to me that Shindo may just be fooling around with Wakaba. There was this brief phone call between him and the boss whereby the boss mentioned how people likes to find out her weakness. So is this one of his plans to challenge the boss? Because we know that the boss needs Wakaba to take care of her daughter while she focuses on work. If Wakaba is distracted at all, it'd affect her too. Shindo just gives me a bad vibe.

As promised, this is a really irresistible shot of young Wakaba playing with mud but got bullied by the boys. Look at that cute sad face awwwwwww........


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