Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 4]

Since it's an episodic drama, I guess I'll just post reviews on certain episodes when I'm free. Oodate's son brings home Kamatsuda one day after playing with her, which gave Oodate a huge shock. She never thought that his son and Kamatsuda attended the same calligraphy lesson. Despite the awkward revelation, Oodate's son insisted that Kamatsuda stayed over for meal before leaving.


So this week's case was about a woman Kamatsuda met at the shrine. Leaving the place, she found her lying on the roadside and it turned out it was too late to save her. She was confirmed as brain dead. Since there were no suspicious physical injuries to indicate any crime done, it was decided as a natural death- cerebral hemorrhage or sth. The woman, Ruri had a donor's card and they found that her mother was waiting for a heart transplant.


With the mother being able to get the heart from her daughter, the case seemed to be solved. But Kamatsuda then found a clue from a victim who got struck by a motorcyclist. Apparently, nothing was stolen except the lipstick. So Kamatsuda went back to check if Ruri's lisptick was also stolen. Her lipstick wasn't anywhere to be found. She then suspected crime had taken place but contemplated between asking for an autopsy or not, as it would affect the transplant surgery. On the day she finally decided to ask for autopsy, Oodate dragged her to an old building and they got stuck at the elevator. The transplant took place successfully. Oodate then asked her to apply for the autopsy after. Initially mad at her for getting in the way, she then found out that Oodate actually helped her by wasting her time intentionally in order for the transplant surgery to take place. That way, it would be a win-win situation. The case was solved when Oodate confirmed that Ruri was hit on the head causing the hemorrhage. Kamatsuda and her partner managed to detain the villain who stole women's lipsticks. 

Why lipsticks though?! That is the only part I don't get from this episode. And they never explained that motive, which makes it the only downside of the episode. It seemed like they just wanted to close the case asap.


Now onto Kamatsuda's *relationship* with Dr. Nakura, whatever's gonna happen to these two really? Are they going to even advance into a real relationship? Nakura actually revealed that he never thought of marriage or having kids at all atm, which of course dampened Kamatsuda's feelings and hopes lol...Couldn't she see already that Nakura is the type of guy that will propose or initiate to go any further? But it's fun though to see Oodate kept on teasing Kamatsuda about Nakura. xD

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