Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 7]

The episode gives us a chance into Fumiya's world. It's good to show viewers his side of the story. There are two feelings I have while watching this as we go back in time to his life at the reformation center. 

1. Hate - Yes, I hate the fact that he's still not recovered! (shall rant longer below)
2. Pity - I pity the guy for having family/mental issues, which drove him to this kind of mess.

So, Hiroki managed to drag the girl who had a brief relationship with Fumiya before, back to his house and recap all of her memories with Fumiya.

The entire episode was dedicated to Fumiya. I'm not sure whether the writers are trying to justify his actions or not because I had mixed feelings about his motive and ultimately, how he became a monster. One thing for sure, the poor guy really needs some professional help! He's got some serious mental problems and always having the urge to kill someone is not normal. The main problem with him was that he couldn't understand the reason why human beings were born. 'Human beings are sad' - he said in his diary. For him, it's not really about whether he has repented or not, he doesn't even understand that killing is wrong. He clearly thinks that he's doing good by sending his victims off to heaven.
He even killed (not directly) his own flesh and blood when the girlfriend told him the good news. How could she not report the case to the police? She was letting an insane guy with an intense urge to kill loose in the public! Okay, her justification would probably be because she had enough of him and didn't want anything to do with him anymore after the incident. That was the only reason I could find to justify her actions.


His father finally found where he was working and asked to meet him. The orchard's owner...sighhh...what can I say about him? Knowing that his worker was a murderer, he still let him walk around his house like nothing happened all this time! For God's sake, you have a daughter and a little grandchild. Don't you think that's a bit too risky to have a killer roaming around closely day and night? Even if it's about giving another chance to people like Fumiya, risking your own family's life is not worth it.


Isn't it an irony when the sky looks so heavenly but the scene has a dark meaning to it? (referring to Fumiya's intent to kill)

Now onto the part where I pity Fumiya. There's love and hate involved for me. While I hate him for not repenting, I do pity him. The only reason they gave us that he became who he is now was because of his father's negligence and birth-mother's death. However, that wasn't explained in detail how his father neglected them when they were little had somehow traumatized his childhood. All in all, in order to save someone like Fumiya, there's only one method - send him to a mental institution immediately to cure his illness. And by that method, I don't mean the half-assed evaluation they gave him during his stay at the center. This time, he needs to be closely observed with family's support. I hope his family will stay by him and make him a reformed person by the end of the episode. Judging from the way it looks now though, I really feel sorry for Futaba, having such high hopes for her brother, only to find out the opposite, the harsh way.


Oh and lolz...I was right! From first episode, I actually noticed that Hiroki's always wearing really bright coloured socks for some reason...remember the green ones he wore in the 1st episode? And then it was always yellow? And then Futaba mentioned it in this episode how she wanted to buy him new shoes and socks xDD Right on!

By the way, did he just kill another person at the end of the episode? Next week's episode looks like its gonna be pretty intense.

This episode was hard to swallow. I don't know what to think out of this now. How exactly are the writers going to go on till the end with where it's heading atm? Will they be able to gain happiness? I'm all for HirokixFutaba really, it could be possible but really tough, though I'm content enough if by the end of the show, both of them didn't end up together but just find happiness and live on. It's not really whether they'll end up together or not, it's whether they finally get this weight off their backs and move on with renewed life. And Fumiya is in dire need of professional help. Rating: 8.5/10

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