Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku [ep 5]

Continuing from last week's episode, Futaba ended up in Hiroki's house late that night after she took off from her home, after finding out that she wasn't the mother's birth-child after 15 years. How she ended up at Hiroki's place is pretty interesting, because it showed that she find solace and comfort with him. But the woman who helped Hiroki find his sister's autopsy report was there too, ahhh too bad. xD Futaba's father tried to coerce her back home. So it turned out that her real mother had passed away and his father remarried when she was just 1 year old. Which is why she couldn't remember a single thing.

Hiroki tried to persuade his mother to meet Futaba's father. They should have a real conversation regarding the case after all these years of 'cold war' between the two families. 
By the way, i couldn't help but notice that Hiroki has a liking of bright coloured socks! lolz

There was also a scene where the woman who helped Hiroki before, asked him to file a lawsuit against the assailant's family but Hiroki refused. So nice of him to do that though!

Futaba paid a visit to Hiroki again~ I'm beginning to really think she has feelings for him xD It'll be tough for it to work out, in fact, it'll sound wrong on many levels considering what happened between two families, but the connection they both shared can't be broken. I love these two characters so much I'm definitely supporting them all the way.

Their conversation during this scene was really funny! Ahhh...kudos to the scriptwriters for giving them light comedy moments once in a while.

Hiroki: What would you change about yourself?
Futaba: You go first.
Hiroki: Just a small thing is fine too right? " Wanna go for karaoke" I just wanted to try saying that to someone.
Futaba: Isn't that a bit too small a thing? (LMAO) Mine's a big thing it might surprise you. I want to be able to bend spoon. Don't you think that's pretty amazing?
Then Hiroki has this BLANK expression on his face lolz...and I noticed the slight frogs' sound too right after she said that. that was really funny!

Then it turned more serious when Hiroki suddenly mentioned to her:
"Things will go well eventually. Many things will happen, and there may be painful ones as well, but everything will go well eventually."
This shall be my quote of the day!
Futaba then knew he heard about her mother. It was really touching when she asked him to say that to her again, which he did of course, such a sweet guy!

Meanwhile, Hiroki's mother finally realized that she should face her daughter's death honestly and not running away from it, pretending to be content with her life for the last 15 years. Her scene/lines are actually one of the longest ever that I've ever watched. A staggering non-stop, 10 minutes of emotional train wreck confession of her real feelings for the last 15 years in front of her two sons, daughter-in-law and father-in-law. She finally decided to move out and live together with Hiroki but thanked her younger son for all the things he did.

Futaba meeting her brother after a long 15 years of separation

Another well-made episode, I really really LOVE the scene between Hiroki and Futaba. I don't care how much their history makes them impossible to be together or whatever if they do fall in love in the future, I'm all for this couple. Forbidden love has never been so innocent and depressing before. T_T I understand that considering their connection as victim and assailant's family relatives, still, I can't help but support them. Next week's episode looks pretty emotional too, especially for Futaba who now has to choose between her family and her long lost brother.


My favorite scene from the episode--->My heart goes out to both of them when he hesitated and finally didn't hold her hand. T___T major heartbroken moment. 

Rating: 8.5

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