Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi wa Mata Noboru [ep 4]

The guys had a swimming lesson during the opening...and there you can see for yourself their bare bodies xD Anyways, the episode centered around taking evidence to prove either someone's innocence or guilt. It all began when a magazine was found at the lounge left by one of the students.

Tono then taught them about forensic science and a bit of the method of taking fingerprints etc...A case happened where one of the male students entered the female dorm compound and these two were suspected. Miyata, in order to prove his innocence, took up the challenge to find out the culprit. He then tried to retrieve fingerprints from the towel left by the culprit.

Ok, anybody should know that you can't get fingerprints from a towel or clothing material. I was lmao when I saw him try to retrieve it from the towel.

With the help from Mr. Genius, he managed to get the footprint though and matched it with one of the guys' shoes. However, after hearing the guy's side of the story, Miyata decided to take the blame himself in order to save him. 

This is where I really can't stand Miyata. He's kind-hearted, ok I get it, but how much disgrace would it be for the guy even if he fess it up? The guy's excuse was kinda lame, imo. He failed this exam, which probably was a really huge thing back when he was in Todai or Tokyo University, while all of his other friends passed. He then decided to join the police force. Still, that doesn't justify him not confessing his doings. What's the difference of not being disgraced further than not having enough courage to even fess up? 


Of course, Tono saw it through and forced Miyata to say who did it. Meanwhile, it seemed like they were getting close to catching Tono's wife and the colleague who eloped with her. I'm still clueless as to what they did till they have to elope and why the police is looking for them. Hopefully, they'll explain soon enough.

The show's quite entertaining, seeing a bunch of guys sweat it out at the dorm...and stuffs...and finally, Miura Haruma is an eye-candy here xD Tono is also a good character, so with these two factors, I shall continue watching. In fact, I thought I'm going to give up during the 1st episode or 2nd, but it turned out to be quite nice. Instead of dropping this, I think most possibly, Hanawake is the one I'll stop watching soon.


Rating for the episode: 8/10

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