Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi wa Mata Noboru [ep 3]

This week's episode...finally the recruits are getting shooting lessons.
Ever imagined police shooting with their shoes before? 

Bring on the REAL thing !!!~

So basically, these guys were taught on how to shoot, how to hold a gun, and the purpose of having a gun by their side.

As usual, this antagonist kept on making their lives miserable whenever he blurted constant sarcastic remarks to the boys. We learned the reason why *this guy above* hated it when people take guns lightly. His father, a policeman was killed on sight by a gangster.

When a shell case went missing, the guys were ordered to investigate the matter among themselves and find the culprit out. The culprit was a surprise though...

Do we see sparks flying between these two?

I think police academy has their own charms as we see they go through different levels of trainings and I still very much like Tono a lot in this. There are only two characters who share the same thing that I get turned off whenever they open their mouths though.

Their voices are really annoying to listen offence but I hope the guy's voice cracks soon enough. The woman's voice is really hoarse too. Whenever they start speaking, I just feel like turning down the volume. So you can imagine  how I cringe every time they speak.
Rating: 7/10

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