Monday, August 1, 2011

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e remake 2011 [ep1]

When I heard of the news that a remake of HanaKimi is going to happen, I had doubts. That's because I really like the original 2007 version. And by liking, I mean by watching it over and over again, like I lost count... However, putting aside those doubts, I decided to give the first episode a try. My expectations was probably near zero? And it so happened that I was right. This is probably the one drama that I quit watching after 10-15 mins into the show. I did browse through and yes, I may be biased since I didn't sit throughout the whole 1 hour 1st episode to really judge it fairly. But I guess I wasn't the only feeling like the remake was a waste of time and energy as I've read people said the same thing in the forums. Literally.


As I was browsing through it seemed that they used the exact same storyline, most of the scenes were exactly the same, just different characters and slightly different surroundings. Besides, the Ohsaka High School they used here is a bit of a rundown instead of the elegant and grand  Ohsaka Gakuen back in the 2007 version. This may be the only aspect they changed.

Onto the characters, Sano Izumi is portrayed by this fellow above. I don't mind him actually, although nobody can really beat Oguri Shun's Sano Izumi! My fav character from the drama is Nakatsu, so obviously, I'd pay more attention to the actor playing him here. Ikuta Toma becomes one of my fav J-actors after his Nakatsu in HanaKimi 2007. For me, nobody can ever surpass him, but I've to admit, the new guy is quite likeable xD


Last but not least, of course we have a new actress to play Ashya Mizuki. AKB48's Maeda Atsuko is, frankly a new face for me. I had literally no idea who she is or why she's so famous in Japan right about now. The remake is also partly done to boost these young stars' reputation. I don't listen to AKB48..well I didn't even know they existed until now. But anyways, I like Maki-chan's version of Ashiya. So, sad to say though I think Maeda did a decent job here, it's just not enough.


I understand if they say that you're not supposed to compare between the two, but if you create a remake, you're bound to compare it to the previous version or ANY version of it. That said, here's my take on the remake.

It's a WASTE OF TIME and ENERGY to watch if you've watched the 2007 version. Well, instead of watching this remake, I'd suggest anyone to WATCH or RE-WATCH the 2007 HanaKimi lolz...basically, it's not like I hate this remake, but it's really kinda pointless. The characters are the same, with very very similar storyline, so why watch unless you're a fan of AKB48, probably, then I've nothing to say. I'd just rather RE-WATCH the original version again. Actually I just might lol...

4/10...The remake is basically pointless, other than trying to give the younger people chance to act. Why don't they just make a totally new drama, instead of a remake of something already sooooooo gooooodddd? In conclusion, unless you're a fan of any of the actor/actresses above, you're better off watching something more worthwhile. xDD So, I'm passing on this. Sorry if I sounded harsh. Just pointing out my views and disappointment over a show I really liked, and to have a remake like this.


P.S. While I was browsing, I caught these two children, from Marumo no Okite. They did a cameo somewhere in the episode. Actually, it's sort of like an exchange thingy, because before Marumo ended, Maeda and other guys did a cameo on the show too. I think this brief scene was the only one that caught my attention and the highlight of an otherwise, boring episode.


  1. Imo,when one wants to make a remake in one own country, its probably best to split them apart a gazillion years..that way, the later generation who doesn't know the face of the actors can't exactly compare between the two.

    I've seen Maeda Atsuko before in Q10, so i don't even consider to watch this.She's not good in acting as in her song.(apart from the facts that this is a remake, nobody as good as Oguri Shun in this generation and Maki-chan is a very good actress)

  2. ^ thanks for ur opinion! And it's true! totally agree with you that it's a bit too soon to make a remake. As for Maeda Atsuko, I've not seen her before in any other dramas, this being my first, so I can't really comment on her acting skills. That said, I'm dropping this remake after the first 20 mins.


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