Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha [ep 21]

Young Master is getting married?! Though I see it coming from previous episodes, well his relationship with Takako was obviously not just between colleagues/friends alone, still this came as a surprise. The only problem is, I couldn't really care less about him or Takako for that matter though.


The people of Kissuiso was more of dumbfounded than being excited for him.
Marriage? At Kissuiso?

Madam Manager had only one condition for them to be married. They must have a wedding ceremony. This is understandable since Young Master is her son after all. Takako wasn't too keen on the idea of holding it in Kissuiso but due to financial constraint, she had no choice.
The battle between two young girls in the bath. Seriously, fight when you're fully clad please! O_O

The ongoing cold war between Ohana and Minko was mainly due to Tohru. Minko's a super sensitive girl and any reference made towards Ohana by Tohru, even the slightest mention, manage to drive her to severe madness which, by the way, resulted in the above picture. Ohana, on the other hand, was a usual victim of Minko's unreasonable outrage. What I'm more interested more though was what exactly Tohru feels about Ohana? It is just merely friends or more?
Meanwhile, Takako finally got to speak face-to-face to Madam Manager who asked her to stay and support her son. Ahhh mezurashii!~ And Madam Manager went on to recount her past events with Young Master's father during the early days. Then, finally she handed Takako the ring her husband had given her. Such an honor! However...she revealed that she's not planning on passing the inn under both Takako or her son's care. Then who??? Her daughter, Ohana's mother stated clearly that she had no interest in running it. Ohana is her granddaughter, but I reckon she's too young to be given such a huge responsibility. She couldn't even solve the Minko-Tohru-Ko-Ohana issue!

Well, here's to next episode. Who shall run Kissuiso?

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