Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bull Doctor [ ep 6]

In this episode, Oodate's son, Kousuke was kidnapped by someone whose father was confirmed of commiting suicide by Oodate 3 years ago. The son wanted her to rewrite the report to murder so that the police can investigate again.

The moment I see the actor playing the son...I couldn't contain myself's Leon from IS!!~ Remember him? Well the actor is Irie Jingi, and he's only 17! So young...Anyways, it's nice to see him in a different role, more serious than the carefree Leon.

Initially Oodate kept quiet about the incident but Kamatsuda found out when she noticed something different in her character and Kousuke didn't show up at the calligraphy class. So, she helped to investigate again by questioning around.


It's also really nice to see the 3 colleagues where Oodate works at went to the place of incident in order to find some clues. They are obviously influenced by Oodate's style of working.


Well, Irie Jingi is in this episode. That alone is enough for me lol...but that aside, the case itself is also quite interesting. Kamatsuda is appearing to understand Oodate more in terms of work as well as personal life although neither of them still want to admit being friends with each other. Funny xD. Rating: 7.5/10

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