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JIN 2 [ep 11] Finale

Sorry this took a while before being posted, was busy with stuffs before. But anyways, the finale is here, finally.

Continuing from last episode, Ryoma is now dead, and the government and Tokugawa Shogunate are ready for the ultimate battle to determine who rules Japan in the years to come. Kyotaro, Saki's brother was torn between being a loyal son to his family, and also being a loyal follower of the Tokugawa Shogun. In the end, he decided to join his comrades in the battle at Ueno, much to all of their surprise.


So, Saki went all the way to the battlefield, in hopes for persuading her only brother to come back to them. And yes, think you'd have guessed by now that she ended up getting shot by a stray bullet. How convenient is that? xD

She was brought back to the so-called 'Battle Clinic', initiated by Jin sensei in order to save those wounded, no matter which side they were on. Watching how busy they were, treating those with more serious injuries, Saki told Jin to not mind her as she could take care of herself. Which turned out to be a mistake. A deadly mistake when her wound got infected by this bacteria, known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa lol...I kinda guessed it since it was obvious with the green slimy culture. 


Having no other ways possible to treat this infection, as Penicillin doesn't have any effect towards this bacteria, Jin suddenly recalled how he may have taken a bottle of solution (forgot the name) that might save her life. He then went on a frantic hunt for the little bottle from like...what, 6 years ago? Seriously, how could you possibly find something from 6 years ago? I knew it'd be impossible for them to find that bottle. And it was almost ridiculous watching them searching around Saki's house and then the first place Jin fell onto when he came to this world. BUT, let's not lose hope yet. Saki can't possibly just die from some infection, of all the things she'd been through.

Photobucket least Jin genuinely gave her a warm hug before he left for good. Why? Jin went to the place where he first fell upon and found Kyotaro. Somehow, he began to hear voices, Ryoma's actually, speaking to him and giving him clues on how to save Saki. He urged him to go back to the world he came from and retrieve that bottle. So, he did exactly that. Except, when he did finally return to the modern world, he couldn't come back to the Edo period no more.


He woke up with a bald head, having just been operated on, apparently by his co-worker who told him he had a tumor in his head, but not the fetus-like one. Just a normal shaped tumor. This is when things really get very interesting, at least for me, as a viewer. We want to know what exactly happened? All these years, and not one single person in the hospital recalled Jin ever being disappeared. He asked everyone, but nobody knew what he was talking about. It seemed like Jin just had a really long dream.

But not giving up, he went on and search for facts, history on the medicine in Japan. And he did find out that there was Jinyu-do clinic being created and how penicillin was made. but no trace of him in the history. He then went to the place Jinyu-do would have been before and guess what? It was called Tachibana Clinic now. Tachibana is Saki's surname. So there's a glimpse of hope!


Well well well....surprise surprise surprise...

Miki made an appearance. But not the old Miki, not even the new Miki Jin dated before. This is now, Miki Tachibana. So how did she become related to Saki? Story goes like this. Apparently, Saki lived a long life, and she became a rather well-known midwife, one of the only women in that era to achieve such success. She never got married, but she took in Anju who was Nokaze's child after she died. We'd then ask where was the father then? Did he die early too? But none of that was explained. So let's assume that both Nokaze and her husband died early, and Saki adopted Anju and took care of her like her own child.


So, in the end...this Miki, who would've been her great-grandchild...probably...came to exist in this world. So how did Saki survive the infection back then? Somehow, when Jin fell down the hill to come back to this modern world, a bottle dropped from god knows where and that bottle was the one that miraculously saved her. yeah, a bit far-fetched. But if we try not to think too much into it, I'd say that I'm very satisfied with how the show ended.


Overall thoughts:

I find it a rather satisfactory finale. After the last few episodes, which were kinda draggy with the whole Ryoma story, the finale actually managed to move me into tears! Well, almost. But I find some scenes really great, especially when Jin read the final letter Saki wrote to him. She told how when she woke up from the infection, she had a faint memory of a certain doctor, but when she asked, nobody seemed to remember Jin's existence at all. Much like how nobody in the present world knew how Jin disappeared. It was like, none of the whole 6 years ever happened. But from time to time, she recalled vaguely of his presence and once she did, she wrote the letter. It was such a heartfelt moment, seeing Jin burst into tears reading it. I think this was one of the greatest Jin-Saki moment, touching indeed!

Was bit disappointed of course that Jin couldn't return to the era and be with Saki, but it was enough to know that she lived long and achieved her dream in her medical pursue. Jin also went on with his current life, and the last teaser, showed how he came to operate on Miki for her tumor. (some things are just fate). But no hints of any romance budding between the two, if  you're wondering.

I think everything just sorta wrapped up nicely in the finale. Of course, the whole time-slip event can't be explained in the great details, because let's face it, there's no factual explanation even until now. We all know the Grandfather paradox but here, it's more of parallel universe theory, which I'm not going to elaborate further. I tried to just enjoy the show as it is, and it definitely delivered a wonderful finale. It was a nice touch to include Miki into the present world, as Saki's grandchild, no less! A bit cliche, and bit forced, like they just wanna get her to have more screen time, but it all connected nicely. It was fresh to see Jin and her in their modern clothes too! Lol...that said, it was a pretty amazing closing episode.

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