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IS - Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Sei [ep2]

 Before I start off, short reminder:
 Spoilers ahead and also to clarify about IS (intersexual) it's different from being a transgender or having gender identity disorder, because I find a lot of people thought they're the same thing. Again, IS means a person is born with BOTH male and female sexual organs. 

In the last episode, Haru was in the toilet, trying to convince himself that she's a girl (since he's forced to be one now in school for the next 3 years). And when he got up to flush, he saw drops of blood in the bowl. You guessed it! Finally reaching puberty, his female hormones seem to kick in for some reason and his first period is here. For someone who's heart is of a boy's you can definitely feel his frustration over this. Miwako comes to his rescue, offering a pad, as would a normal friend do, and he teaches him how to use one. I like the tiny details of the scenes. Adds to the realism. At home, Haru frets over having to use some pad for the whole week while his little sister laughs at him. At home, his little sister still addresses him as oniichan (brother).

At school the following day, Haru attends his first class. She meets 3 new classmates, totally typical Japanese cutesy girls. I won't say they're annoying with all the kawaii faces and actions they use, coz having to watch Haru trying to fit into the crowd of girl friends is a delight though xD Often, he'll narrate in between scenes and in the background, he'll complain how he doesn't get the way of girly communication. But we can see he's trying hard to pretend.

Miwako and Haru attends different classes. However, Miwako still looks for him for lunch together. We can see that Miwako sticks to Haru for some reason, while Haru is just kinda friendly to everybody, so he doesn't really mind hanging out with anyone, either his classmates or Miwako. During lunch, Haru feels strange and uncomfortable suddenly. Later that day, it got worse especially after he tries to catch the football, flying towards him (duh -_-), using his chest. He then faints, in the hands of Ibuki Kenji, new character, also the one Haru might develop love interest with in the future. (as according to manga).

A visit to the doctor reveals that it is due to Haru's imbalance hormone condition whereby he'll suffer worse, for example, fragile bone structures, and so, the doctor advises him to start taking female hormones to boost his health. However, Haru refuses to take them. Becoming more and more feminine is the last thing on his mind.
Miwako invites Haru to his house one day and there, Haru meets his parents. First impression is that of a lovely household and it is obvious, Miwako is from a pretty well-off family.


But the father is acting bit weird with a phone call. He definitely is hiding something (perhaps an affair?). Mum is friendly, seems to be happy that Miwako has found a friend so fast on her first day at school. Haru also visits Miwako's room and it is an eye-opener for him to be in a girl's room. Something like " this is how a girl's room looks like" lolz...They invite him to stay for lunch too and Haru can't help but wonder how his family would've been like if he is a normal girl, instead of an IS individual.

Remember Leon? Haru's kindy friend whom he told about her condition to? Yup, the curly haired boy! He's such a cutie when he is little, and he still is as an adult lol. I like Leon a lot. They stumble into each other outside and they look really comfy together! They have this greeting code of theirs and it's just really nice to see Haru having a friend who understands him and doesn't mind his condition.

Miwako begins showing some serious issues in this episode. She may look all obedient and happy, all smiles on the outside but she shows Haru her darker side when she invites him to a pub one day. There, she wants to to get a tattoo on her arm. I don't know the significance of the rose image though, but before the artist begins, Haru pulls her out of the pub. Haru probably doesn't want Miwako to be tainted with a tattoo, though imho, tattoos are fine. I've nothing against tattoos at all really. You may have tattoos, but that doesn't mean you're a bad person. Maybe in the Japanese society context it's something bad? I know a lot of people who think so, sadly.

But I won't blame Haru for doing so. He's definitely feeling like he needs to prevent Miwako from being all impulsive and doing something she might regret later. Being protective and concern maybe? Because in Miwako's parents' eyes, their child is an innocent daughter. Getting a tattoo might change that perception.

This episode is a step up from the first. Well, obviously because they have more Haru scenes now and his life as a female student in the new school. All his everyday experiences, class periods, changing periods, even going to washrooms are all depicted. Often, I can't help but laugh at his shocking expressions watching his classmates acting all cutesy or Miwako trying to make him wear some girly necklace. And of course, the appearances of both Kenji and Leon, yay! The female cooking teacher is kinda annoying though, it's her voice and manner. She looks like she's trying tooooo hard to show her concern over Haru's condition, YET she reveals a tiny discomfort, when Haru's hand brushes against her during a short discussion at the principal's room, the teacher quickly draws her hand back. But Haru realizes that. Teacher is definitely annoying.

So in the previous review, I did mention how I was doubtful of having Fukuda Saki as Haru. After watching ep2, all those doubt has been cast away, poof! gone with the wind! She's really warming up to her character, and she's pretty good so far, I have to admit. Gouriki is doing well too, though her character is harder to digest. Anyways, this is definitely in the top 3 dramas of the season for me. Well, nothing so far beats Soredemo Ikite Yuku, the top spot. 2nd goes to Zenkai Girl, for being totally hilarious.

P.S: Lol...I think they didn't miss out the character who's being all boyish from the manga.


Can't wait for next episode!

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