Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hanawake no Yonshimai [ep1]

The drama tells the story of a family with 4 daughters which begins with one of the daughter's wedding reception, Takemi who's known to already have 3 previous marriages and 3 kids. All of which, failed. On the wedding reception, the ex-wife of the husband comes and goes berserk, threatening to kill her, which failed miserably, and then she jumps off the lake, trying to kill herself instead. Takemi then goes over to punch her new hubby (as he lied to her that he has finalized the divorce, which obviously hasn't been done). Takemi does the same too, jumps into the lake wedding gown and all...and it is on tape by someone. Soon, the news report the bizarre scenario, embarrassing the other 3 daughters. They quite obviously don't like their sister, for some reason.


After the 4th failed marriage, Takemi returns home and lives with her family, bringing along the 3 kids. And much to the other 3 sisters' despise/horror, their mornings will never be as peaceful anymore.

Somehow, Takemi is a men magnet. She can literally waltz into the hallway, and guys will be mesmerized by her. Why? I don't know. Maybe she just has that kind of aura? That is also one of the reasons her other sisters don't like her. Men will do anything, anything for her as long as she works her charms to get what she wants.

Takemi comes off as an air-head, most of the time for me like how Sakurako (1 of the sis) defines her as someone who can't read the atmosphere. However, she's not all the time like that. She can be quite smart too sometimes (only I don't know if she even knows what she's doing), maybe she's still clueless of how her actions actually helps somebody but still oblivious about it. For example, her reception partner (the girl above), nearly get harassed by their manager (who's doing the Travolta pose, requested by Takemi) one night. But being air-headed, yet knows how to take advantage of others, she forces herself into the taxi both her partner and the manager are in, causing the manager to be literally thrown out of the taxi because only his house is in the opposite way. Majority wins. For her partner, Takemi just saves her from being taken advantage of by the manager. However, for Takemi, she's just sharing a ride home.

But who knows if she does that on purpose, yet hides it from people? Sometimes she really gives me that kind of feeling like deep inside, she knows what she's doing.

The youngest of all, Ume studies in some arts school and has a crush on a cold senior who doesn't even notice her lol...there isn't much shown of her yet, brief scenes at home and school. 

As for Sakurako, she stumbles into a stranger who works as a photographer, also is affiliated with the eldest daughter's magazine company. Sakurako has a one night stand with him, after getting drunk and miserable of her life that night. The guy at first seems pretty annoying, but I think he's okay now. He does seem to have the initiative to find Sakurako again, though she's trying to avoid him after the incident, well at first. At the end of the episode, she decides to pay a visit to him though.

Sakurako also discovers that Takemi miraculously finds a job at one of the companies she is working at, and helplessly hides herself from being seen. Sakurako clearly hates Takemi to the max as she calls Takemi as a devil. It seems that during her high school, Takemi stole her boyfriend from her.
Eldest sister, Fujiko is a chief assistant editor at a magazine company and leads a rather successful career. (watch out for Becky's brief guest appearance lol). Fujiko then stumbles into the photographer, the one that had a one night stand with her sister, Sakurako. Needless to say, when he praises her ankles (he's definitely a flirt) Fujiko finds herself slightly attracted to him. So from here on, we might see a competition between Sakurako and Fujiko for the same guy???


Takemi helps her partner out when she sees her getting taken advantage off by their branch manager. Look at her, punching him down. The photographer took a picture of her in action and when Sakurako visits his apartment, she sees Takemi's photo on his work bench. Are we going to see a rectangular love rival here?!

First episode was a delight to watch. There are plenty of side stories, with a total of 4 sisters to talk about. Each with their own perks and happenings. But the main focus is Takemi and Sakurako, mostly. I hope the other two, Fujiko and Ume gets more screen time soon. If not, then it'd be a waste having them there, serving minimal purpose. If you're into women, having love/relationship troubles, as well as sister rivalry (sort of), and a slight comedy, actually quite a few to laugh to about, especially Sakurako, then you'll like this drama.

Here's to the next episode and watching their stories progress!

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