Monday, June 6, 2011

Lady ~Saigo no Hanzai Profile [review ep1]

New season of J-dramas!

There are quite a few that I'm following this season. This one is the first I watched since it came out faster than the rest. So anyways, here's a very short review.

Basically it's about a team of profilers made up of 4 person, who are not police officers but more of assisting the police forces to capture criminals. They don't hold guns like those guys in Criminal Minds if you're wondering the differences.

One is a spiritualist graduate of FBI...actually, I have no idea what that even means lol

A statistic guy...and he's always holding this notebook with him.

A psychologist

An ex-forensic pathologist.

The show began with a practice test which of course went well for them. The police is still pretty much wary of their abilities to help them though.

Some jokes are inserted throughout the show, making it more bearable when they're not focusing on the profiling.While i'm not particularly interested in the criminals or how they profile them, i can see some advancement of Japanese shows though. In this case, they're using similar technology as those seen in CSI. Yes, copy-cat or not, at least they're 'showing off' they're not behind when their country is considered advanced. With the addition of a pretty old drama, Mr. Brain, this one is utilizing their techs.
hehe...remember all the touch screens you see in CSI? yeah, they're pretty old stuffs if you consider that but you don't get to see these in any Malaysian dramas yet T__T or rather i don't think we'll ever make a detective drama anyways.


The first episode was super LONG! 1 hour and 40 mins! I understand how 1st epis are usually longer than the usual 45 mins but this is LONG. I don't mind though since i'll get to watch more. Story wise- not very convincing, i mean, nothing can beat Criminal Minds of course but it's a good attempt though. At least it wasn't rushed and we get to fully understand the case and where the criminal comes from. Also, when profiling comes into mind, most of the cases are know criminals with dark pasts and just easy to figure out. No, I'm not saying profiling is easy, not what I meant here, but having seen Criminal Minds and all, profiling is usually successful when there's a continuous murder going on, meaning not a one time case. Because then you'd see the pattern. Anyways, the first case was too easy. I hope they don't use such OBVIOUS cases in later episodes.

Acting - not as convincing too. I think most of the actors are just warming up to their characters. So I won't judge harshly for the first episode. There are certain irregularities in their characteristics but then again, too early to tell.

Characters- None is lovable at the moment. First episode is too short despite the length for them to grow. For now, we only know the lead female's characteristics and the rest are still pretty much one-sided. Hopefully they don't just stay as side-kicks but given ample chance to grow in later episodes.

I shall follow this drama for now. Normally once i started one and I feel the 1st episode is fine, I'll just follow till the end unless it gets really boring in future epis.

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