Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boss 2 [ep 9]

Guest star this week is Asada sensei (Kenji Sakakuji) from the Iryu series. He plays the role of a mercenary from France returning to Japan to take revenge for the murder of his whole family when he was little. 4 victims and the team members have to race against time to prevent more victims. But like always, BOSS is not just about investigation, one thing I never failed to be amused constantly are the humor they inserted here and there. As we all know, the members are a bunch of misfits.
Take for example, Katagiri's MOST EPIC facial expression.

He is depressed over whether he should take responsibility about a certain thing he and the current girlfriend did. Well, we all know what it is. Anyways, he is acting all strange and this PRICELESS look is just the best of the episode. I was all ROFL the moment I saw this.

There's a girl involved in the case and when she is put under protection, Iwai acts all motherly lol...It's really nice to see this side of him, other than the usual gayness he showed.

Asada in villain role.

He looks the same as he did in Iryu 3...maybe hair is bit longer. His whole costume design is also similar to what Asada sensei wears outside hospital. Boots, some mercenary. The only thing missing here is the huge green bag he hauled back in Iryu. xDD

Anyways, the case itself was a bit disappointing. I thought with him as the guest, they could've at least give him a better role with a solid storyline. But his talent was wasted. Sighh...despite the easy case to crack, I did enjoy it, for the amusement. And boy am I disappointed too with the  few seconds of Kimoto's appearance. The last trailer was such a mislead! Rawr...but it seems like she's back next week to help out in the case. Let's hope she has more scenes.

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