Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika [ep 12]

I thought this is the finale, then I realized there's another episode before this ends. Well, I don't mind having another fix of Erika and Techie Guy xDD So what went down in this action filled episode. Erika found Totsuka fleeing the crime scene, leaving a dead Russian girl who managed to whisper some word to her before breathing her last and also gave her a pendrive. The pendrive however couldn't be accessed by normal computers. 

Erika then planned a break in to the Naicho headquarters to use the whatever super computer to open the files inside the pendrive which may hold some important information about Totsuka's involvement.


I like the flashbacks Erika had during her recruitment by Totsuka back in the days when she was younger and rebellious. One can see that both of them had long history and Totsuka meant like a father figure (okay that made him sound old), kinda like someone Erika really looked up to and respect. So she was determined to find out the truth, even though it could mean Totsuka was the murderer and was involved in passing out confidential government information to foreign countries.
 Totsuka was obviously NOT the culprit but why was he being so secretive to Erika? Why not just explain everything to her? Because at the end of the episode, Erika saw a similar phone number in the files, which was Inukai's number - their former boss in Naicho. Love the little twist here, though a bit predictive. Totsuka might be hiding all these from her probably because he didn't want to involve her any longer in the issues, as things can get really dangerous. Besides, he could be thinking for her family too. But looks like when Erika figured out the real culprit, her step-son was kidnapped by Inukai. 
Can't wait for the finale. I think if the son was involved, there's no way the husband won't find out about Erika's double life. Well, he should know the truth as I don't think Erika should hide it from him. And I also hope when everything's over, she'll continue working for Totsuka at their little investigation agency with Techie Guy. Something more trivial, not international stuffs, more like domestic kind of cases like the previous ones they'd been working on.

Rating: 7.5/10


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