Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nankyoku Tairiku [ep 3]

I know I'm a bit slow in updating the dramas this season but I have valid reasons for that, being my lab work on daily basis. And I still need to spend some time watching the shows, though I haven't encountered any that I think of dropping so far. They're all still hanging on. 

Now, the first episode of Nankyoku if not amazing, was epic. And I expected it to be since it seems to have great sum of expenses poured in it and it has Kimutaku. Not that all of his dramas will be a success, but until now, I do enjoy most of his work, as they do not fail me just yet. This is no exception but I fear it's showing signs of that while I was watching this episode. I don't know if it's lack of concentration due to the fact that I was watching in the middle of my work (during my free time in lab) or because it's losing its charm. I find myself pushing the fast forward button towards the end, which surprises me too.


Of course, it's not to say that this show is no good, because it is GOOD. It's got this good premise and plot that should touch the people of Japan, at least, their pride and all. But sometimes, I can't help but think they're trying too hard at the dramatic department. Some scenes are overly done, too dramatic, and the effect - forward button. Trying too hard? Maybe or it's just me.

I think it's a bit too long - 55 mins for the episode. A bit draggy too. However, it's got some surreal scenes which I'd applaud the director/crew for that. For example, the scene where the ice land breaks into two and their 3 months worth of supply drift away. I don't know how much CG is involved but they do look real enough. Not to mention, all the scenery are breathtaking.

The dogs...another plus factor for those who loves animals or doggies. I for one, do so I don't mind watching scenes involving them. Despite all these, I find something lacking in the show. I'm not entirely sure how it'll carry on with 11 men living on this piece of vast icy land and continue to appeal to audiences like me. What stories can they produce in order to keep it interesting? And again, I see no purpose in Ayase Haruka's role as of yet. I'll see how the next episode fare.

Rating: 7/10


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