Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fate/Zero [ep 3]

In the previous episode we’re left with a shocking cliffhanger when Assassin (Kirei’s Servant) is sent to kill Tokiomi but instead getting murdered mercilessly himself as hundreds of pointed swords rain down on him (which kinda reminds me of Yomi’s scene in Ga-Rei Zero).  

Saber looking into the horizon
How could we bring ourselves to believe that Assassin is gone so easily like that? Kirei must have something up his sleeves as he seeks protection at the Church his father is in charge of. Inside the safe haven, it’s revealed that Assassin is not just one entity but copious number of them so that one Assassin who gets mutilated doesn’t count. At this point, we should not underestimate Kirei’s ability to plot a scheme to win the battle. However, we should be reminded that he did make a pack with Tokiomi so that was obviously just a show for the others so they think that one Servant is down and they have one less enemy to think about, when in reality, Kirei is just starting his plot as he joins hands with Tokiomi.

Archer and Tokiomi

And what a flamboyant Servant Tokiomi has! Archer is the one who put on the show and he’s obviously someone who can’t do things covertly as his Master wishes him to do. Always flashy, always so conspicuous in his methods. However, this is exactly what’s needed for the plot to succeed. Whatever’s brewing between Tokiomi and Kirei, it’s definitely something worth waiting for. 

Waver's King Iskandar is the most charismatic of all!

Well, in Waver's case, I have a hard time determining who's really the BOSS...because King Iskandar seems to have control over the situation more so than Master Waver himself! Most of the comic relief come from this unlikeable pair and to begin with, Waver’s intention on getting the Holy Grail can be seen as something totally immature. What? The kid just can’t get over the fact that life sucks sometimes and people may look down on you. It’s rather amazing how he is so determined to fight this war just to show to people what he’s capable of. He should just go back to school and study, instead of risking his life. But thanks to King Iskandar for making this pair fun to watch. His musing with the war jet planes and brief comment on President Clinton is hilarious.

Waver's got his hands unnecessarily full with Iskandar

I really love all the scenes between Saber and Iri! Well, both look amazingly beautiful and not to mention the conversations exchanged between them during their trip in Japan. It's odd how Kiritsugu is seen spending more time alone or with somebody else than his own wife and Servant. Later, it's known that this is a trick he uses to fool everyone else into thinking that Iri is Saber's Master instead of him so he can sneak behind the scene and execute whatever he wishes to. And shocking it is to have this female assistant, Maiya who kissed him?! I'm befuddled with their relationship at this point. If it's true that Kiritsugu has a thing going on with Maiya, then I feel sorry for Iri. But it seems Iri understands her position in this life very well indeed.

Yeah, I was talking about both Iri and Saber's moments in this episode. They are lovely. Saber comments how the flight is not as exciting as she expected, got me to think what exactly is she expecting lol...and she goes on saying how she can navigate anything, as all she needs is to let instinct take over. But the comparison between controlling the horses and planes is taking it a bit too far xDD

Stunning seaside scene

The seaside scene reveals quite a few things. First, we know Iri doesn't mind spending time with someone else other than Kiritsugu. Like I said before, she knows her position and leaving Kiritsugu to concentrate on scheming for the Holy Grail War is more important than spending time with her. She tells Saber she's just a puppet in her family. And we wonder whether Kiritsugu actually loves her or it's just business. Then, we get to know that Saber's very forward in her answers. When asked whether she likes beaches, she replies she doesn't know as she's too occupied with her kingly duties to enjoy such simplicity.

Oh Lancer!

Towards the end, we see Saber reporting that one of the Servants is watching them or wandering around, as if he/she wants to be seen. Basically, challenging them to go meet him/her. So then Iri accepts the challenge and they meet Lancer, Kayneth's Servant. And oh, Iri actually has healing powers! That'd certainly come in handy if Saber gets injured. Saber changes into her suit and it's gonna be interesting to watch how the battle between her and Lancer progresses next episode!
Saber's sword is invincible!

Some more screencaps...^^



Is Maiya just an Assistant?!

 Rating: 9/10

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